Turn your photos into works of art through Google Arts & Culture

Turn your photos into works of art through Google Arts & Culture

There are many paintings that, due to the characteristic style of his line, are quickly recognized, whether they are the works of Van Gogh or the surreal images of Frida Kahlo. Thinking about this style, Google updated its Google Arts & Culture application with a new feature called Art Transfer, being a filter that allows users to transform their photos in the style of different artists.

The functionality is found in the camera menu, in the main bar of the application and when selecting Art Transfer, after taking or adding a photo from the gallery, you can use these filters. The images are then recorded with a watermark with the name of the work in which he was inspired and the respective artist.

You can use the filter in the entire image, but if you want to be a perfectionist you can simply use the scissors tool to select the parts affected by the special filters. It may seem simple, but Google explains that this transformation is elaborated by a model of algorithms generated by the company's artificial intelligence. And all processed on the smartphone itself, without the need for help from the cloud, which allows users to play with the functionality offline. Obviously without sharing it is not funny.

Different world cultural institutions have joined the initiative, such as the National Gallery of the United Kingdom or the Museum of Art of Japan, for the use of works known by artists such as Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Frida Kahlo or Edvard Munch, to name a few.

The application can be obtained for free or updated, if you already have it, in iOS and Android versions.