Turn Live Photos selections into beautiful videos with the Live Memories app for iOS

Turn Live Photos selections into beautiful videos with the Live Memories app for iOS

One of Apple's coolest insights into the world of photography was the advent of Live Photos, the short videos of three seconds linked to each image you capture and which significantly expand the feeling of reliving a certain moment that, after all, is the whole purpose of personal photography. The idea was so good that the competitors copied promptly and today the world is a festival of Live Photos back and forth, but what if you want to see your animated photos in a simpler and more organized way?

here that enters the Live Memories, an iOS app that allows users to make a selection of Live Photos and turn them into a single video that can then be viewed, reviewed and shared. In this way, you create collections of a specific event, such as a trip, and you do not need to go photo by photo by pressing the screen with each new image to see the short video.

Live Memories app icon

The application's operation couldn't be simpler: in a fun interface, you simply select the Live Photos you want in the continuous list with all those saved on the device; then, just choose whether the video will be shared on social networks, in the stories of an app like Instagram or simply saved on the device. Ready: in a few seconds, your work of art will be created.

Of course, this excessive simplicity has some limitations: it is not possible, for example, to rearrange the photos within the app or filter them by date or location; there is also no additional option regarding the soundtrack or any other more specific edition are elements that, with any luck, we will see in future versions of the application.

Live Memories can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but to remove an app watermark from the generated videos, you need to make a In-App Purchase of $ 2. Nice idea, huh?

via 9to5Mac