Tuner – DaTuner: The Chromatic Tuner for Your Guitar

Someone comes and tells you that there is a "train" called Tuner – DaTuner in the app market that helps musicians tune guitars, guitars and basses. to admit: the first impression of total skepticism, no? Yeah … But for those who want to be surprised, it is worth downloading, because an application that delivers what it promises. Here's what our team thought about Tuner – DaTuner.

Functions & Usage

Device: LG Optimus Black

Android version: 2.2.2

Root: No

Modifications: No

If you realize you have forgotten your tuner, Tuner – DaTuner will undoubtedly save you from trouble. The application to be analyzed below is simpler because the full version has many more functions. In any case, even the version reviewed here is enough for anyone who just needs to tune their stringed instrument. As soon as you start the application, you will be amazed at the simplicity of its interface, which is limited to showing the values ​​in decibis and Hertz. The two values ​​work together and inform both the pitch of a given note and the position in which it is being played. The display turns green when the given note is tuned and red if it is out of tune.

It should also be mentioned that the Tuner – DaTuner is a chromatic tuner. This means that it recognizes the twelve tones of a guitar. But calm down, not just for guitars: this is true for harps and other stringed instruments as well. Let's say it's a universal tuner.

With Tuner – DaTuner, tuning becomes even easier. Just play a certain musical note and check what the app display shows us. The chord will be tuned if we see a 0 (zero) as the frequency value.

Some parameters can be adjusted according to the needs of each user. In the configuration item you can change the sensitivity, accuracy, colors and times. As stated, the free app comes with fewer functions than the paid app. This, in turn, also presents options such as "transposition" and "notation". It is still possible to change the "auto-sensitivity" function by selecting the volume. When you turn on the screen, the volume adapts automatically.

A tip: To get the most out of the app, try the best ways to position your musical instrument against your smartphone's microphone. The results can certainly change according to such positions. One more thing – one of the most positive, by the way: the app doesn't feature banners, although we're talking about a free version! PERFECT!


The Tuner – DaTuner is highly recommended for musicians, especially guitarists. The results are surprisingly accurate and the app works as a chromatic tuning device. That is, it also serves to tune in unusual tones. And reinforcing: this review of the free version of the app, which also presents itself as a paid app.

Screen & Controls

The user screen is very simple and easy to use. The same goes for controls. Unexperienced users, however, will have to experiment with the guitar and Tuner – DaTuner.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Tuner – DaTuner works very well. During the testing phase, no locks or crashes were found.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Tuner – DaTuner in its partial version has a lot to offer. The advantage is already in the fact that it is a free application. The best that does not bring banners. One can only suggest to those who take the most time with tuning of musical instruments the full version, which, however, pays. It's worth it anyway.

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