Tumblr wants to "tighten up" hate speech and has already eliminated more than 4 million publications

Tumblr wants to tighten its grip on hate speech and announced the arrival of tougher measures. After banning nearly 1,000 blogs from Nazi groups and white supremacists who violated its policy, the platform will now eliminate all reposts originating from the targeted pages. Altogether, Tumblr advances that it has already removed 4.47 million publications in just one week.

In an official statement, Tumblr states that the measure comes after several users have expressed their dislike of the presence of audio discourse on the platform. The company indicates that it has discovered that the vast majority of the publications in question originate from blogs that have already been closed. Although the original publications were removed after the pages were deleted, the content remains alive as it is being republished by other users.

However, the company recognizes that not all publications in question are intended to promote Nazi or white supremacist groups. We do not want to silence who is providing educational content or arguments against hate speech, he said in a statement.

There are no miracle solutions, artificial intelligence or algorithms that are capable of perfectly detecting hate speech, the company says. Tumblr clarifies that it is joining efforts with several experts to ensure an effective approach, reminding users that it provides a simple way to report cases of violations of the platform rules.

Remember that Tumblr's approach to moderating more polemical content has generated some controversy in the past. In December 2018, the platform decided to ban all types of pornographic content, causing a decrease in the number of users. Even after Verizon sold the Automattic platform and even PornHub expressed an interest in buying it, the ban remained.

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