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Tumblr Taken from App Store for Child Pornography

Ah the Tumblr: one of the last bastions of the purely young expression on the internet is not yet profoundly altered by excessive greed, as happened with Instagram and Facebook, but at the same time manages to maintain a level of control so that things do not fall into the land of no one. ?Of spaces such as chans. Well, sometimes that control gives a little weakness.

On the 16th, the Tumblr app disappeared from the App Store without a trace. No one knew why until the CNET published today a story revealing the reason for the disappearance: posts containing child pornography that escaped the platform's filters and were discovered by Apple which quite rightly has a zero tolerance policy with this kind of criminal content.

Network representatives issued a statement reiterating the entire process that posts go through before being posted on the network:

We are committed to building a safe environment for all users and we have a zero tolerance policy towards the medium containing child exploitation and sexual abuse. As this is a problem for the industry as a whole, we work with other companies in the industry and partners like National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to actively monitor all content posted on the platform. Every image sent to Tumblr scanned and compared against an industrial database of child sexual abuse material and the detected images never reach the platform. A routine audit found content on our site that had not yet been included in this database and removed it immediately.

Apple has not commented on the case, and Tumblr has not stated a preview of when your app will return to the App Store, merely saying that it is working with Ma and authorities to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Anyone who had previously downloaded the app can retrieve it from the ?Purchased? tab of the App Store; For all other users, the solution waits for the problem to be fixed and the app to air back to the store.

via Cult of Mac