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TSMC confirms its intention to build a new plant in the USA. Business will reach US $ 12 billion

This week it was learned that members of the United States government would be in talks with manufacturers like TSMC about building semiconductor factories on American soil for several years. Now, TSMC confirms its intention to build a factory in the State of Arizona, with an investment that could reach 12 billion dollars. The construction will be subsidized by the US government and should start in 2021. Production is expected to start in 2024.

The Taiwanese company, which remains the main chip supplier to Qualcomm, NVidia, AMD and Apple, explains that it will rely on 5 nanometer technology. The facilities will have a capacity to build 20,000 semiconductor "wafers" per month, in a factory that will have 1,600 new jobs.

TSMC considers this project to be an "important and critical strategy for a competitive semiconductor market in the USA". Despite referring to a large investment of capital and technology, the company says that the United States' support policies will be "crucial" to the success of the project. However, the exact amount to be made available by the government is not known.

If the project is going forward, this will be the company's second factory on American soil. TSMC already has facilities in Washington and design centers in Austin, Texas and So Francisco.

In addition to TSMC, this week's news reported that the US government would also be in talks with Intel. But so far, the company has made no official announcement.