“Trying” trailer, plagiarism charge in “Amazing Stories” and more

"Trying", série do Apple TV+

Another week means what? More news from Apple TV +, of course! Let’s go to them.


To start off on the right foot, Apple released the first British comedy trailer «Trying», produced in partnership with BBC and written by Andy Wolton. This is the first original production from the UK to debut on Apple TV +.

The series is defined as “a story about growing up, finding your place in the world and finding someone to love”. For that, she focuses on Jason (Rafe Spall; “Jurassic World: Threatened Kingdom”) and Nikki (Ester Smith; “Uncle”), a couple who cannot get pregnant and choose to enter the process to adopt a child. The two must pass the approval of the authorities as they deal with their «chaotic lives, dysfunctional friends and eccentric families».

Check out the trailer below:

«Trying» will debut on Apple TV + on the day May 1st, with all episodes of the first season already available. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Controversy with “Amazing Stories”

Meanwhile, a controversy: the photographer Adrian Murray accused Apple of copying (or at least being excessively and improperly inspired) one of its works at the opening of the series “Amazing Stories”.

Murray posted an article – and a video on YouTube, embedded below – comparing his photo with one of the scenes shown at the opening of the series (at 47 seconds). Initially, the similarities seem only circumstantial, but horizontally mirroring the image of “Amazing Stories” and making some other adjustments, it is undeniable: the two scenes are very similar, from the setting and framing to the position of the children and the teddy bear in the background.

According to the photographer, Apple did not contact him at any time or offer any credit; other companies, such as Nest, a Philips and the Pixar, have already licensed photographs of Murray for use in their communications.

Obviously, some may say that ideas have no copyright – but then it will be necessary to discuss whether the Apple went beyond the field of idea and copied the image of the professional, or whether it simply inspired itself in his work. In any case, a contact would be expected by the company if the verdict is any other than a simple coincidence.

Murray said he tried to contact the creators of the series, and is already talking to a lawyer who specializes in copyright. Let’s see where it goes…

Featurette in «Home Before Dark»

Finally, Apple released a featurette in «Home Before Dark», the mystery series starring Brooklynn Prince (“Florida Project”).

The video features interviews of the team and cast, including testimonials from the director Jon M. Chu (“Podres de Ricos”) and the actor Jim Sturgess («Across The Universe») – in addition to Prince herself and Hilde Lysiak, the real-life child detective in which the story is inspired.

Check it out:

«Home Before Dark» will debut in this Friday (3/4), with all episodes of the first season already available; a second season has already been confirmed and will go into production soon – that is, if the Coronavirus leaves.

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