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Try this app and make your Android battery last longer

There is still no way to permanently solve this problem, but we can mitigate. And who can help us with this task is the PowerPRO app, available for free on Google Play and with great user reviews. We tested it and really found that it can be a great help in increasing the load on our cell phones a bit more.

How to save your Android battery with PowerPRO

PowerPRO maintained by PSafe, a company not very well regarded by many users due to its crapwares scattered on the internet. Recently it has gained a redesign of the interface and is prettier and more intuitive. See now the main functions of the app and how it can help you save battery.

Right on the home screen, we see four tabs or sections, just them: Battery, Economy, Use and Recharge. We will explain what each of them does. In Battery you see the current percentage of your smartphone battery, how is its consumption and the time left for it to reach 0%.

Below you will see a featured Optimize button. Its function is to identify features and functions that are consuming resources and are not currently in use. Thus, it closes these applications and processes in order to increase battery life. Note that the consumption that was previously Regular is now optimal. The app also shows the gain in hours in minutes with this optimization.

power pro
Battery Optimization / ANDROIDPIT

In the Economy section, we have some modes of use that can be activated. There is Balanced mode and Ultra. By default, Balanced mode turns off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, background sync, and touch reaction, keeping only the data connection, vibration on, and turning the brightness on automatically. Of course, you can choose which of these items will be enabled or disabled. In my case, for example, I prefer to leave the 4G connection off and enable Wi-Fi.

In Ultra mode we have severe battery savings! It leaves the screen brightness at only 25%, the display lock time decreases to 15 seconds, vibration is activated only when it is silent and simply all connections are disconnected. Yes, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth, sync, etc. In practice, you go back to the 90s and you will only be able to make and receive calls in addition to SMS. By the way, I will even suggest the developer team to rename this function to 90s Mode. Anyway, the user can configure both modes as desired.

power pro 2
PowerPRO / ANDROIDPIT modes of use

Another possibility offered in the Economy section (image above) is automatic activation of one of the modes whenever any condition occurs. For example, Ultra mode can be activated when the battery reaches 10%. If you wish, you can activate it every night when you go to sleep. This way you save battery power and not woken up by useless notifications. I prefer to leave the phone charging all night, but some say it damages the battery.

Already in the Usage section we have a very complete report on which applications and services consume the most battery of our mobile. Thus, when we identify an unnecessary process that is very greedy, just touch the X to close it, forcing it to stop easily.

power pro 3
Closing battery-intensive applications and services / ANDROIDPIT

Finally, tapping Recharge, we see some information regarding the process of recharging the battery. PowerPro uses a three-step reloading system that, according to him, does not harm the component.

First it recharges the battery quickly, with a constant current up to 80%. After that he starts Slow mode, which reduces the electric current until the component reaches 100%. If the smartphone is still plugged in, PowerPRO activates the Eyedropper mode, which keeps the current flowing in the battery but slowly and gradually.

In the application settings we still have the option of showing a floating window in the screensaver, a sound notification when the load reaches 100% and a widget that is in the notification bar that shows some information. I opted to disable these functions for the visual organization of my phone.

power pro 4
PowerPRO / ANDROIDPIT Application Loading Ways

Overall, I really liked PowerPRO. A free app that doesn't disrupt your Android experience doesn't slow down or overheat while helping to save battery power. On average, it is possible to gain about 1 extra hour of autonomy. It does not promise worlds and backgrounds and is therefore a great option to have on Android.

PowerPro Battery Saver: Make Your Charge Last
Install on Google Play

And you? Have you used PowerPRO? Do you have any other recommendations for similar apps and as good? Let's talk in the comments.

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