Bancos digitais de confiança no Brasil: quais são?

Trusted digital banks in Brazil: what are they?

Digital banks are a new modality for financial institutions that has taken off in recent years. Many people may still think that simply because they are digital, these banks are not trustworthy, which is wrong. They tend to be even safer than the alternatives.

Read on to know a little more about digital banks and see which are the best in Brazil!

What are digital banks?

If you are interested in finding out which are the most reliable digital banks that exist, it is good to be aware of everything that comes with them and what they are.

What are Trusted Digital Banks

A digital bank is a different financial institution from the more traditional ones, since they do not offer face-to-face assistance. Everything solved in the palm of your hand through the Android or iPhone apps on your smartphone, or by phone calls.

This results in a reduction in waiting times and bureaucracy for all the steps involved, be it for solving problems or whatever.

In general, digital banks offer checking accounts at no charge, credit cards that are almost always free of charge, loans, investments and much more.

What are trusted digital banks in Brazil?

Now that you have a notion of what digital banks are and what we offer, let's now address which are the most reliable available around the world, many of which are well established and have been around for years.

1. Nubank

First, we have Nubank, a startup created in 2013 that initially offered only a credit card with no annual fee. In 2017, the company launched NuConta in order to formalize itself as a bank, which can be said to have won.

At Nubank, you have almost no fees or tariffs: all transfers and bills do not cost anything, a huge advantage when compared to more traditional banks. However, if you want to make withdrawals, it is necessary to pay a fee of R $ 6.50, after the free 4 per month.

Another advantage found on Nubank is the Nubank Rewards system, which basically serves as the points system. In it, whenever you spend with your credit card, you will accumulate discounts for travel, movies, iFood, Uber and many other things. However, it is necessary to pay for this program.

Finally, all the money you put into your account will be automatically invested in public securities (don't worry, you have access to the money), with a much higher yield than savings, which will help you make money doing nothing !


We also have Next among the digital banks that most inspire confidence. It arrived on the market in 2017, developed by Bradesco, to compete with the new type of banks.

In it, you do not find any account maintenance fees, you can pay slips, make free transfers to other Next or Bradesco accounts, make free DOCs and TEDs to other banks, make free withdrawals at any Bradesco or Banco24Horas cashier and even deposit physical money in your Bradesco cashier account!

He also offers you a free international Visa credit card, with no annual fee. For this, however, it is necessary to pass a careful credit analysis.

In addition, it offers exclusive “treats”, which are discounts at many stores and products. Discounts even include a 50% discount on admission to certain cinemas!

Next Trusted digital banks

3. Original Bank

Another excellent option among trusted digital banks, Original is one of the first institutions to offer completely digital services. Unlike most of the options on our list, it is not free, being necessary to pay a monthly fee of R $ 12.90 to use, in the cheapest plan.

To open the account, you need to download the app. It offers a free financial manager for you. In addition, it allows you to make as many transfers, either to other banks or within the Original as you wish, without paying anything.

It also allows you to make unlimited withdrawals from Banco Original boxes or Banco24Horas boxes. Finally, probably the best of digital banks for investors and for those who want to be able to make good extra income almost passively.

4. Banco Inter

We also found Banco Inter in the list of the most reliable digital banks. Initially, his name was "Intermedium".

Banco Inter is the only one on the list that is truly completely free, without having to pay fees for withdrawals, transfers, annuities or whatever you want.

To deposit in the account, it is necessary to do so by generating a bank slip that must be paid in any lottery. Better yet, it offers you different loan and investment opportunities.

In addition, it has partnerships with several institutions in our country, in order to always offer many discounts to you, in addition to cashbacks!

Banco Inter Trusted digital banks

And, what did you think of our list of trusted digital banks in Brazil?

Leave in the comments if you already knew the ones I include here and if you prefer any other, saying if you are already a user of digital banks. Don't forget to check out our complete guide on how to make extra income online and learn how to deal with boredom in quarantine!