Trump government in talks with Intel and TSMC to open new chip factories in the United States

Trump government in talks with Intel and TSMC to open new chip factories in the United States

Members of the United States Government are in talks with manufacturers like Intel and TSMC about building semiconductor factories on American soil. The goal is to reduce the country's dependence on Asia, where a large part of its processor production is manufactured, advances the Wall Street Journal. It is a movement that has been planned for years, but which now takes on new forms of urgency, not only due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trade war with China, as well as the national security issues that have arisen, such as the case of Huawei.

In addition to Intel and TSMC, the Government has also talked to Samsung in order to encourage the South Korean company to expand its operations in the United States to produce new generation processors.

Bob Swan, Intel's CEO, has already expressed interest in contributing to the construction of a processor factory in partnership with the Pentagon, according to a letter sent to the Department of Defense, invoking the uncertainty created by the current geopolitical situation. Intel already has a factory in the United States, but only for its own products, so the new project would allow it to produce for other outside companies.

TSMC, the Taiwanese company that continues to be the leading chip supplier Qualcomm, NVidia, AMD and Apple, also has an opportunity to expand its operations on American soil. The company was already in talks with the Department of Trade and Defense to build a factory in the country.

The Donald Trump government has yet other measures to safeguard American production, which include the implementation of export taxes and restrictions on manufacturers who sell microchipss to Chinese companies. As well as greater investment in the domestic industry to support the costs of building more factories. Or even incentives for manufacturers to adapt and install their equipment in American factories.