Trump Announces New Tax Round That Could Affect All Apple Products

Trump Announces New Tax Round That Could Affect All Apple Products

So far, the tax policy of Donald Trump, which basically consists of taxing heavy products assembled and imported from China, passed off Apple products only a few accessories and chargers were affected by a new 25% tax, effective a few months ago. Now, it looks like the animal is going to take more out.

The President of the United States announced that from the day September 1st, a new round of categories of products imported from China will be subject to a 10%. The new categories cover basically all products from the Wall which had not been covered by the previous tax; that is, if the promise is fulfilled, all products imported from China to the US will have an additional tax in one month including those from Apple.

() During the talks, the United States will begin on September 1 to apply a small additional 10% tariff on the remaining $ 300 billion in goods and products coming from China to our country. This does not include the $ 250 billion already charged at 25%.

It is not yet clear which Apple products would fall at the new rate, as Trump's announcement is characteristically vague. Still, as the president speaks of “all products not yet affected by taxes,” it is believed that iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple watches, HomePods, Airpods, Apple TVs And what else can you imagine get into the cake.

The market has already got the message: Since Trump's announcement, Apple shares have been down more than 2 percent, losing (temporarily or not) the gains seen since the company's fiscal results were announced on Tuesday.

The news just one more to the sea of ​​"tax bad luck" Apple: a few weeks ago, the company formally requested the US government a tax exemption for the new Mac pro, which was made in China, and had its little horse quickly swept out of the rain when Trump himself denied the request in a tweet. The company later announced plans to continue manufacturing the future computer on US soil, but has not yet shared details about the project.

The question now is whether Trump's announcement is just (more) bravado or if the real thing is, and what is Apple's answer. In a letter sent a few months ago to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, the company stated that the president's proposed tax reform would affect all of its products and diminish Ma's economic contribution to the country, but did not elaborate on how it would possibly cope. with the changes.

We will then have to wait. Will we ever see iPhones still more expensive?

via Cult of Mac