True Pikachu: Razer presents Pokémon headset that is loaded into a Poké Ball

True Pikachu: Razer presents Pokémon headset that is loaded into a Poké Ball

The new wireless headset inspired by Pikachu has a Pokball and will start selling this week in China

THE Razer, one of the largest gaming hardware and peripherals companies, has just left fans of Pokmon radiant. The company is launching a headset this week True Wireless (TWS), which is totally inspired by the iconic Pikachu (True Pikachu). But what really draws attention to this gadget the charging case: a Pokball.

With the exception of the case, the Pikachu has the same design as the Hammerhead, another model True Wireless marketed by Razer. But the device inspired by the classic Japanese character completely yellow and the company logo with the snakes was replaced by the Pikachu.

Pokball with headphones onTransport and loading can be done in a Pokball with a faithful design

The case for charging the phone is a faithful reproduction of Pokball. Due to its size, it is already possible to imagine that carrying it in your trouser pocket is not possible. But Razer put a string on the ball so that the user can take the headphones more easily. THE Pokball it also has a central LED button that allows you to monitor the battery level.

Headphone details

Pikachu headphones Wireless headphones are water resistant. Furthermore, the instructional voice is that of Pikachu himself

Regarding the specifications, there are not so many surprises, since we are talking about a Hammerhead custom. O True Pikachu has a driver of 13 mm each, Bluetooth 5.0 and IPX4 certificate (water resistant). The instruction voice of the phone Pikachu, another very cool feature that Razer put.

Regarding autonomy, the battery can last for about three hours directly listening to music, podcasts and watching video content. With the support of the Pokball, this duration can be extended to 15 hours.

Where to buy?

Pokmon headset For now, Pokmon headphones are only sold on the Chinese market

We know that this news captivated the hearts of fans of Pokmon, but we need to be realistic. Unfortunately, the True Pikachu is far from Brazilians, because the Razer Just go and sell it on the Chinese market. The wireless phone Pokmon be on sale at the Tmall store starting at midnight on April 16th (Thursday).

In Chinese e-commerce, headsets can be purchased for 999 yuan (about R $ 730 doing the direct conversion).

What did you think of the wireless headphones Pikachu? Would you buy one of these? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Source: Engadget.