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The truckers' strike, which has been going on in Brazil since last Monday (21), has found support on the Internet. About 52.2% of comments on the subject on social media are positive. Only 10% of the posts are negative and the rest are divided between news, jokes, among other topics.

The data are from a survey of Torabit, a digital management and monitoring system, released on Friday (25). The survey took into account lesser protests on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, in addition to open websites and blogs.

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Word cloud shows the most used terms on social networks Photo: Divulgao / TorabitWord cloud shows the most used terms on social networks Photo: Divulgao / Torabit

Word cloud shows the most used terms on social networks Photo: Divulgao / Torabit

When analyzing all publications, the survey found that more than half of the people showed explicit support (53.4%) for the strike, compared to 4.5% totally opposed to the protest. The other approaches are divided into jokes (27.2%), news (8.4%) and everyday cases (6.5%).

Rio de Janeiro is the state that most talks about the subject, with 27.1% of the total number of men on the web, followed by So Paulo (19.6%), Minas Gerais (10.1%), Rio Grande do Sul ( 5.4%) and Paran (5.3%). Women lead opinions: they represent 55.5% of comments on social networks, against 44.5% of men.

To express themselves on the issue, Brazilians used the hashtags #grevedoscaminhoneiros and #euapoioagrevedoscaminhoneiros. The second term reached the global Twitter Trending Topics, section of the platform that lists the most talked about subjects in the world. In the analysis of Torabit, 133,284 men were considered on the subject on May 24 and 25, 2018.

The movement of truck drivers across the country calls for the removal of diesel taxes and the exemption from Cide (Contribution for Intervention in the Economic Domain) to reduce fuel prices.

The shutdown affects the supply of gasoline and diesel at health posts, as well as health, transportation, food and airport services. Concerned about the situation, the number of searches on the topic on Google has increased 256% in the last two weeks.

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