Troubled Windows 10 update has been removed. But the problems continue …

All versions of Windows 10 appear to have been affected by the bugs in the latest update (KB4524244) of the Microsoft operating system. One of the problems was related to the search for apps on the computer, revealing a black bar instead of the results, which SAPO TEK witnessed on the computers of the newsroom. The respective fix did not solve the problem for all users, as Forbes said.

But the problems continued, especially in a month marked by Microsoft's invitation to update all computers running Windows 7 with the latest OS, considering that its technical support was discontinued in January. The KB4524244 version was even removed, due to its instability.

Probably the problems continue on some computers, running the current version. In an additional note from Forbes, dated February 17, days after Microsoft withdrew the update and reverted to KB4532693, users are reporting problems with computer boot, as well as image freezes in the form of the famous Blue Screen of Death. Something that is not reflected in the update support page (dated February 11).

More seriously, there are also users reporting that the operating system is deleting files from the computer, as well as changing user settings. Therefore, you should back up your files and avoid operating system updates until Microsoft introduces a stable version of Windows 10.

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