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Trojan spreads through simple apps on Play Store and steals bank data

Viruses, Trojans, and malware are not unique to desktop computers. Android users also need to be aware of these issues. And while Google is actively working to keep your app store clean, there is no avoiding any intruders.

Google often scans the Android Play Store for malicious apps that harm users in some way. But recently, mobile threat experts from Avast, ESET and SfyLabs released a report showing that simple apps easily bypassed Google's surveillance systems.

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Flashlight apps contained BankBot / Avast
<p>As? Scammers have created multiple accounts, published deceptively simple apps like flashlight and patience games, and inserted into them a maneuver that only launches the Trojan two hours after the user gives Administrator access to the apps.</p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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The mobile viruses in question are variations of BankBot, a Trojan that, when installed, looks for bank apps and gets access to them by inserting an extra layer over the apps and stealing login data when the user types something into the app. Bank.

The article published by the three companies lists the bank apps that were targeted by the apps, and they are all from countries like the United States, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Poland, among others. However, there is no way to know yet whether the virus can access apps from Brazilian banks or not, since companies have only been able to identify a few malware packages.

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Apps cleaning and solitary play on multiple accounts were also infected / Avast
<p>Already identified, apps found by businesses have been removed by Google from the Play Store, but others may be infected. To avoid contamination, the published article gives some tips to users:</p>
<li>Confirm that the app you are using is a verified banking app. If the interface looks unfamiliar or different, check with your bank's customer service team;</li>
<li>Use two-factor authentication if your bank offers you this option;</li>
<li>Download apps only from trusted app stores, such as Google Play or the Apple App Store. Although malware was found on the Play Store, its payload was downloaded from an external source. If you disable the option to download apps from other sources, you will be safe from this type of banking Trojan on your device;</li>
<li>Before you download a new app, check the user ratings. If other users complain about a bad user experience, it may be an app to avoid;</li>
<li>Pay attention to the permissions an application requests. If a flashlight app requests access to your contacts, photos, and media files, this can be a serious issue;</li>
<li>Often malware ask you to become the device administrator to gain control over your device. Don't give it to any app unless you know it's really necessary for an app to work.</li>
<p><strong>And you? Do you trust the apps in the Play Store?</strong></p>
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