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Trojan horse discovered for Linux

Not even Linux is safe

Russian security technology company Dr. Web has announced that it has found a Trojan capable of stealing passwords on Linux platforms as well as Mac OS X. Details about Wirenet.1 and its dissemination technique are scarce, for example. now. But the company says the program is targeting passwords for browsers Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, as well as applications like Thunderbird, SeaMonkey or Pidgin.On Linux it copies itself to the ~ / WIFIADAPT directory before attempting to connect to a command and control server hosted on using an encrypted AES channel. This offers at least one simple way to block communications or any additional charges.Dr Web gained prominence earlier this year when it revealed the existence of the Trojan, Flashback, targeted at Mac computer users on an unprecedented scale.It is clear whether Wirenet's cross-platform capabilities can extend to attack from Windows systems. Failure to perform these attacks will be a way to avoid security company radar.Cross-platform malware is rare but not listed. The usual technique is to connect to Java in search of victims using OS X.Malware specifically designed to steal credentials from almost stated Linux systems. But it may, based on this new discovery, become a little less in the future.We have no explicit evidence of using Java. To my knowledge no. This file comes from VirusTotal, says Dr. Web analyst Igor Zdobnov. Source

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