«Trend» for technology is not seen by age

"Trend" for technology is not seen by age

Age is no longer a determining factor in the predisposition or ability to use multimedia services or technologies. This is at least one of the conclusions of Motorola’s «The 2009 Media Engagement Barometer», commissioned by the North American unit from StrategyOne.

The study surveyed 1,000 North Americans, between 16 and 64 years of age, who were classified into three categories, according to the generation they belong to: «Boomers», «Gen Xers» and «Millennials».

According to the analysis, all generations – Millennials (75%), Gen Xers (74%) and Boomers (66%) – recognize the role of technologies in their lives. Always being available, for example, is already a necessity for 79 percent of Millennials, 64 percent of those belonging to Generation X and 65 percent of Boomers.

In relation to always on, the figures are even higher, with 80 percent of young people, 78 percent of Gen Xers as well as 78 percent of Boomers surveyed mentioning such interest.

Most Americans say they influence the decisions of their children (75%), friends (74%), colleagues (67%) and parents (58%). Regarding the influence that one generation has on others, the research reveals reciprocal situations: 62 percent of Gen Xers say they influence their parents’ technological decisions, while 79 percent of Boomers say they influence their children.

Among Millennials, 76 percent say they influence their Generation X parents. Conversely, 87 percent of Gen Xers claim to contribute to the technological decisions made by their children.

«The results obtained with the barometer showed how networked technologies determined the integration of different facets of people’s lives,» said Dan Moloney, president of Motorola’s North American Home & Networks Mobility unit.