"Travel" to Google Cloud services and discover some of the most complex processes

Explore the Google Cloud infrastructure. this is the proposal for a website that gives you the choice of knowing which way Google works in three different areas: data analysis, data encryption and "operations containers".

Through three real "trips" to the Google Cloud infrastructure, the interactive online platform organizes the different processes in stages. The objective is to understand the phases of each method, even if you are never within one of these services.

When encrypting data, for example, the site explains how Google Cloud protects users' information. In this specific "history", the platform highlights the steps the company takes to protect its data.

Google Cloud Infrastructure

Once registered in Google Cloud your data is encrypted, being forwarded to the nearest presence point, with the company ensuring that it has more than 100 worldwide. Then, the information "travels" to a data center to create encryption keys and the next phase is the storage of data in the encryption management service, only decrypted for the user when accessing information.

If you don't know how Google's data centers are organized, the site also helps, identifying each area and explaining the tasks of each one. On a rotating globe you can also find out about the locations of the various Google Cloud infrastructures.