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Travel abroad with this Virtual Dictionary for iOS

After almost three years without talking about news from the German developer Jourist Verlags here on the website, she is back with her Visual Dictionary for iOS.

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The Visual Jourist Dictionary is not a simple aid to learning languages ​​that you are used to. This unique app, containing thousands of useful and interesting words, along with its associated visual references and definitions, will not only change the way you understand a language, but it can change the way you see the world around you.

Have you ever wondered what a car bumper looks like? Have you ever struggled to order a meal in Germany? To call a taxi in Russia? To order a shaving foam in Italy?

Developed by professional vocabulary experts and illustrators, the app works entirely offline, bringing more than 120,000 terms and phrases, over 4,500 realistic illustrations and words spoken by native speakers of English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese , Portuguese and Spanish.

The dictionary database, constantly updated and increased, has a partial or complete search for words, as well as navigation through 14 categories such as food, clothing, medicine, transport, human body, work environments, sports, society, science and others. .

It is a great tool for both language students and tourists. For those using Android, the Visual Dictionary is also available on Google Play.

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