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Translate texts quickly anywhere with DeepL app for macOS

Google Translate has quickly become the standard tool for when we need to translate something, but let's face it, it's not that good: the quality of the work (even though it has evolved in recent years) is lacking. It's pretty annoying to have to open a new browser tab, and go to the service page every time we need to translate a little bottle. For these and others, the Deepl deserves attention.

The translation service, by the same creators of Linguee that has been around for some time on the web, recently launched its own apps for macOS and Windows. As usual, apps give DeepL a level of integration that no other internet translator can achieve: on a Mac, for example, you can simply set up a keyboard shortcut to select a word or phrase (or an entire paragraph) and quickly get the translation in the language you want, ready to be copied or inserted in place of the original text.

DeepL's translation quality is comparable and, in some cases, even better than other services in the industry. Fruit of the work of a startup In addition, the platform uses artificial intelligence to make conversions, and you can even click on a word in the middle of a sentence to check other translation options.

Remember that the startup also offers a paid version of the service, called Deepl pro, which further integrates powers into the translation engine with machine learning techniques and other attractions. This option, however, has not yet reached Brazil; It is only available in some European countries and should expand soon.

Still, it's worth checking out the DeepL app for macOS and Windows, which can be downloaded for free from the official service page.