Transfer files of various formats between iPhones / iPads and Macs / PCs with this free manager

Transfer files of various formats between iPhones / iPads and Macs / PCs with this free manager

It is likely that you have already had to send one or more files from your iPhone / iPad to a computer and had to send it to an online server (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) or email to access it later on the device. Although communication between devices Apple (established via iCloud or AirDrop) is reasonable, some situations call for an external service.

O Documents It is a file manager that allows the user to transfer music, images, texts and several other documents of different formats between iOS devices and computers, whether they are Mac or PC. Although it has existed for years, Documents has always been a great option for managing and working with different files and documents. And what was already good, got even better.

Readdle today released the 6.5 update for app; in it, they implemented the feature Wi-Fi Transfer, further improving the user experience.

With Wi-Fi Transfer, just access the Documents online page from your computer (either Mac or PC), launch the app on iPhone / iPad and scan the QR code through the iPhone or iPad camera, remembering that, starting with iOS 11 , the Cmera application does this without the need for third party software and importing or accessing the desired files.

To send documents from the computer to the iOS device, just drag and drop the desired files onto the Documents page in the browser. In addition, Google Chrome users are able to send entire folders between devices via Wi-Fi Transfer.

On the iPad, you can do even more with Documents. Open two Readdle applications side by side in Split View and simply drag / drop the files to move them between the software.

The company promises an incredible transfer speed that does not depend on your internet connection. If the computer and the mobile device are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it is possible to transfer files from a USB connection without the need to have iTunes installed.

Documents is available free of charge for iOS devices on the App Store.

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