Traffickers try to drive drugs across the U.S. border with drones

As many of you may know, the border between the United States and Mexico is not at all friendly and has received intense vigilance in combating immigration and the drug trade. With repression, traffickers are starting to explore ingenious solutions, they started using drones to deliver packages of drugs within American territory.

Recently, the United States police, at the border of Yuma (Arizona) with Mexico, captured a drone that dropped ten packages of cocaine on the North American side. Altogether it was almost 11 kg, estimated at U $ 306 thousand of the illegal product. Vigilance was on the alert, days ago another package had been thrown, this one with methamphetamine and estimated at $ 3,000.

With two drones captured, the police did not specify the models used by the traffickers. It was not clear whether a drone delivered ten packages at once or made more than one delivery, but it is noteworthy here that carrying 11kg at once is not for any toy. The Border Patrol did not catch any suspects in the region either, at least that attempt was unsuccessful.

Drone disguised as hummingbird captures amazing images of nature

The Yuma region is very busy, with intense passage of people, even in a legal way, but also targeted by traffickers and illegal immigrants. With this combination, Donald Trump, President of the United States, has the region as a priority in his border patrol program. The police in the region were better equipped and the surveillance establishments have sensors, lights, metal walls and surveillance cameras. But even if a kilometer-high wall is built, drones will still make it.

Drones are increasingly being used for different purposes, helping human beings with different tasks, including, of course, crime. Anyway, in a more productive way humanity, researchers disguised one of these aircraft as a hummingbird to investigate butterflies in the wild.

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