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Traffic Monitor Plus | AndroidPIT

These days, it's hard to imagine a mobile device that doesn't give the user Internet access. It is also not difficult to find an Internet plan that has no limit. Upon reaching it, the user has the hassle of a slow network and, if not in control of the use, receives at the end of the month a very fat bill to pay. To avoid these adversities, it is always interesting to stay on top of the consumption level of your data network. Today's review is just about an app that does it for you, Traffic Monitor Plus. Keep up!

Functions & Usage

As stated earlier, Traffic Monitor Plus is a mobile data management tool through WiFi, network or phone usage. The app also provides detailed statistics as well as speed tests of your network data. Therefore, this app able to record the amount of data consumed, indicating how and why. In the medium or long term, Traffic Monitor makes the user aware that applications are spending bytes on the Internet and how they can save money.

In addition, Traffic Monitor allows the user to perform speed tests to assess the quality of a given connection and to deduce the amount of data to be consumed. Such tests attest to the quality of a certain download connection and then the results are compared to those of the same region. We have come to doubt the accuracy and reliability of this kind of information …

Interestingly, the app allows alerts to be set. They will be responsible for warning the user that a certain amount of data consumption has been reached in a given period. And in the same way, the usage control of your phone works, being the information of call duration and even the frequency of these the analyzed data. These are in turn published once a week or per month. Statistics show how the user uses his data network, as well as the rate of successful calls.

We are of the opinion that many of the features of Traffic Monitor Plus are very interesting. But we must note that there are almost useless features, such as task management that may terminate some active applications. Let's say such a feature is one of the best ideas for Android devices …

To end this review on a positive note: the app widgets are very well done and the most important information is easily accessible.

Conclusion: Traffic Monitor Plus does its job very well. Data management orchestrated by master hands. The app also allows access to very useful statistics. Nevertheless, the terminology used can be very specific, which makes it a bit more difficult for users less versed in the subject. We did not notice the task management feature. At least, it does not affect the smooth running of the other features.

Screen & Controls

Traffic Monitor Plus has been configured to display information through a list. Such aspect facilitates the visualization of data in a simple and understandable way. As we mentioned earlier, which can make life a little difficult for the user to use the app for unfamiliar terms and abbreviations. This requires user deciphering work that we find inappropriate. Already the design of Traffic Monitor is simple and very practical. Perhaps some tabs would make this aspect look more interesting.

Speed ​​& Stability

Traffic Monitor Plus works very well. Task management takes a few seconds to post the current data traffic.

Price / Performance Ratio

Traffic Monitor Plus is available on the AndroidPIT App Center and does not cost a dollar. Perfect!