Traffic Conditions on Google Maps Brazil

Another new feature in Google Maps Brazil. After the launch of “Google Transporte Público” in Rio de Janeiro, you can now view information about traffic in RJ, SP and BH. From today, when accessing “MAPS” you will find a button called “Transit”, in it you will find a legend (which appears in the upper left corner of the map) with information about the flow in real time.


Information about congestion in some Brazilian capitals could also be accessed on competing services, such as Microsoft’s Bing Maps, or through the websites of companies responsible for traffic enforcement, such as the Traffic Engineering Company (CET) of Sao Paulo.

The data displayed in relation to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte refer to the main corridors of these municipalities. Through a color scale that goes from green to red, it is possible to identify the intensity of congestion on the roads. Now it’s easier to know how the traffic is going before leaving home for work.


The service has been available for a long time in dozens of cities in other countries, such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London.

A strong point of this new service is the possibility to view traffic conditions based on the history of each day of the week. When you click on the “Traffic” button, a new menu appears below (Traffic in real time). And by clicking on the “Change” button, a submenu automatically appears where you set the day / time to know how the traffic usually behaves.


It is worth mentioning that just this week 2 services added to Google Maps Brazil were launched.

We look forward to “Street View” arriving at the same pace.