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Track Walks: 10 iPhone and Android Apps

Starting to exercise is not always so simple for everyone. Even so, starting your physical activities with something lighter and at a slower pace may be better and far more attractive. Walking is a great way to start having a healthier life, for example. Good thing there are so many apps for tracking walks, which is great for those who want better control of how much they are walking and how many calories they are burning.

If you're curious, you can check out our top app suggestions for tracking walks on your smartphone. Check out everything in detail in the list below!

1. MapMyWalk

app track walks

To start our list, we have MapMyWalk. This is an app that tracks and maps your walk through the geolocation of your device. Although you can monitor walks with it, the app can still be used in other ways. You can monitor a race too, either on foot or by bike.

MapMyWalk shows you the results of your workout, as well as suggesting new routes and helping you set new goals for your routine. You can check and download the app on your Android or iPhone.

2. AlpineQuest

Al AlpineQuest is geared for those who want trail hikes and other outdoor sports. The app has various maps and GPS to help you. All supplied by its user community.

In addition, it has an internal compass. It shows which side you are facing and helps you to walk in the right direction. You can check more through the link.

3. Pedometer ++

Going back to the exercise-oriented walking apps themselves, instead of a GPS guide like the previous example, we have Pedometer ++. Unique to iOS, this app is ideal for tracking your progress. He records the number of steps he took during his walk, also showing the week totals and marking when he overcomes any mark.

4. ViewRanger

Another of the walking apps on Android and iPhone ideal for those who prefer to walk in nature. Viewranger has similar functions to AlpineQuest, serving as a map and GPS to guide you through the trails. However, this application has an indirect function, using augmented reality technology.

Through the camera of your device, the Viewranger can identify points of interest by identifying peaks, lakes and other types of geological sites or formations. You can check out the app on Android or your iPhone.

5. Walkmeter

monitor walks on smartphone

Walkmeter brings very interesting features to monitor walks. In addition to measuring the steps of your daily walks, this app also brings you more information about your workout, such as your speed, distance and how many calories you consumed during your workout.

Remember that Walkmeter is also available for the iPhone and has built-in functions to social networks, allowing you to post the information of your walks, see the comments of your friends and respond directly from the app. Click the link to download it from the App Store.

6. Nike + Run Club

Despite its name, the Nike + Run Club doesn't require you to run, let alone have a Nike running shoe to wear it. The app has most of the basic functions of other apps described in this article, such as measuring steps, time, speed and distance.

With your walking information, the app helps you build your weekly and monthly exercise plan. Nike + Run Club can be downloaded on Android or iOS. Start tracking walks today with this great app.

7. World Walking

One of the most curious walking apps on this list. It is designed to help patients in cardiac rehabilitation, that is, who suffer or have suffered with heart problems, to exercise and improve their health.

World Walking challenges users to complete the number of steps required to complete a famous route, such as walking through Macchu Picchu or walking the Grand Canyon, among others. You do not need to be in the locations to complete the task, using them only as a parameter to record your progress. It also has social functions and user community, which can download the app on Android or iPhone.

8. Walking for Weight Loss

Walking for weight loss the name translated from this unique iPhone app. To help with this task, the app comes with its own 3 month training program that can be adjusted according to your familiarity with the exercise.

It tracks your walks through GPS and brings audio instructions, ideal for those who walk with earphones, among other features.

9. Human – Activity Tracker

With a slightly different proposition from the walking apps mentioned here, Human is an app with the purpose of changing everyday small habits. That is, an app that tracks your activities and suggests healthier options, such as switching a car to a nearby location for a walk.

If you do this, for example, it will show you the distance, average speed, and number of calories you lost while doing the exercise, while also allowing you to share this information with other users and compare your achievements. Human – Activity Tracker can be used on both Android and iPhone.

10. The Walk

monitor hiking apps

If you want a totally different app to track walks, The Walk is a great option. It works as an investigative game, and it is necessary to walk to release clues and important points of the plot.

This way, the story develops with each episode. Definitely a more interesting way to track your walks and get extra motivation. You can check more through the link.

Did you like the apps to track walks?

Could you take a look at our list of some of the best apps to track walks? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think. Also tell if there are any other apps you would like to see on the list!