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Track flights, predict delays, and discover routes with the Flighty app.

Do you travel a lot by plane or do you get many people who come to your city by air? A newcomer app may be about to make your life a lot smoother.

I'm talking about FlightyWeather Line's creator app dedicated to flight tracking and has a series of cards up its sleeve to make its operation much smarter, more proactive and useful. Developed over two years with advice from over 200 pilots and frequent flyers, the idea basically puts a control tower in the palm of your hand, with sleek design and valuable notifications.

Flighty - Live Flight Tracker app icon

The free version of Flighty lets you easily track and capture basic flight data, but the full app goes way beyond that. You can record all your future (or close) flights and the system captures complete data by displaying an estimated route on the screen and giving you complete information about possible delays, departure, arrival and departure times, time zone changes. , possible weather events and more.

For subscribers, two features draw attention: Arrival Forecast (arrival forecast) crosses historical data on that route and current weather and air traffic conditions to give an estimate of when your flight will actually land. J o Where?s My Plane (where my plane is) finds out which plane is on his route and shows where he is on the planet at any time, up to 25 hours before his flight, which is great for alerting potential delays.

The paid version of Flighty also has a very complete notification system with custom sounds. The app can let you know when the pilot registers your flight plan, if your departure is on time or late, if the way to the airport is congested, which wake you should go to pick up your luggage and more. These notifications are customizable, so Flighty won't fill your iPhone center with information that's not useful to you.

Flighty is available for free on the App Store, but to take full advantage of the app you need to subscribe to $ 35 / ms or R $ 193 / year (This annual value is a debut promotion, and will rise soon). Yes, dear, but for those who travel often he can be a valuable partner.

via MacStories