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Track all your credit card expenses with this iPhone / iPod touch app

In March we gave the tip of the Credit + app, for those who need to know when the best day to use each of their credit cards. Now we bring you a tip from another related app, but it also controls all your expenses.

The Credit Cards, developed by the Brazilian Studio6.

Credit Cards on iPhones

Credit Cards allow you to control your expenses on all your credit cards in an easy and intuitive way. Register your credit cards, due dates and invoice closing, choose an image for the card and you will be ready to use the application. It is even possible to register a budget so as not to exceed the amount you wish to spend on each invoice.

With a very tasteful interface, the app allows you to enter expenses with just three taps, has recurring expenses (such as subscriptions), offers password protection, makes automatic conversion of foreign currencies, allows you to change manually the closing dates of your invoices, and more.

No more surprises at the end of the month!

Sorry, app not found.

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