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Townsmen | AndroidPIT

Townsmen has long been a successful strategy game among smartphone and tablet holders. Many are still skeptical of RPG games for Android devices. It is true that it is not the easiest task to adapt complex game engines to touchscreen screens of mobile devices. That's why we decided to test Townsmen and see if it has the power to succeed in this challenge. Check out our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android Summer: 4.1.2 Root: SimMods: None

App Details: Wheel From: Android 2.1 Size: approx. 38 MB Optimized for ICS and Jelly Bean: Yes

Anyone who has a history-based PC role-playing game will certainly have the ease of handling Townsmen, which was able to bring the same gameplay model to mobile devices. Townsmen's mission is to build a prosperous city and to develop its own scientific system. Although the game is based on building a city, it lacks the military part of games of this kind. In fact, the armies are excluded from Townsmen.

The game has two modes: individual and campaign mode. Campaigns start from a point in the game where the city is in crisis, both scientifically and in relation to its quality of life. The goal is to make the city prosper again through rational and prudent management. In the individual mode, in turn, is based on a city since its foundation, when still inhabited by few people.

The game is very reminiscent of Age of Empires, being possible to create new buildings as well as produce new inhabitants to be employed in various professions. Getting resources like firewood, food and minerals will be critical to the city's development through new construction and improvements. The key to the game is to ensure optimal resource flow while having others to continue local development.

Resources can be transformed into business or commercial objects. That's why there is a city market. Not to mention that the inhabitants must be equally satisfied.


Townsmen positively surprised us especially for its gameplay. The game already convinces even being deprived of fighting. The buildings vary greatly and the ways of developing the city are multiple and very diverse. Despite its complexity, it would not be bad if the game had in the future a feature to rotate the look of the buildings and also an editor that allowed the personalization / customization of the campaigns.

Screen & Controls

Townsmen is based on detailed 2D graphics with some similarity to comic graphics. Even the inhabitants of the city are very well designed. Even if you zoom in on them, you will see that the details still remain visible. Well done. Although this game was originally made for PCs, the touchscreen controls did not limit its gameplay. What seemed difficult to us, however, was the construction of roads and paths.

Speed ​​& Stability

Townsmen worked stably during our tests, even as the city reached considerable dimensions. In short, in this regard the game leaves nothing to be desired.

Price / Performance Ratio

Townsmen is available for download from the AndroidPIT App Center and Google Play. If you want to download a version without banner ads, you will need to shell out 1.18 or $ 3.05, while for 250 prestige points, the cost of the game rises to 2.37 or $ 6.14. These points allow the immediate construction of certain buildings or then accelerate some processes that take much longer in the free version. We are of the opinion that this version is already sufficient for fans of games of this style.