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Touch Pizza is a very complete app for those who want to place orders on the iPhone

Last night, I bet many of you asked Pizza at home. And I also bet that many were stressed in this process, either because of the delay, because they were unable to speak to the pizzeria, because of requests that came wrong. Anyway, we all know the drama.

But what if an app helped a lot in all this?

Sorry, app not found.

O Touch Pizza focused on ordering pizzas, so its interface is all about it. With it, you can place orders by choosing your pizza first or your pizzeria first, whichever is most convenient.

Watch a promotional video of the app:

The number of pizzerias registered at Touch Pizza is over 1,000, so far interesting, but it obviously does not cover the whole country well. But the app is less than two months old, so it should improve a lot over time.