Touch Bar MacBooks Pro Restricted or Completely Banned on US Bar Evidence

In North Carolina, in the United States, the examining board of Bar Association published a notice asking candidates with the newest MacBook Pro to “disable” the Touch bar.

This is a warning to all applicants that they will use their laptop at the North Carolina Bar Association exam in February 2017. If you plan to use the latest version of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you will need to disable Touch Bar before you sign in. in the area where the test will be held.

There, candidates are allowed to bring their own devices to take the test. So the warning was needed so that no one would be harmed.

After the warning, they followed with instructions on how to "disable" the Touch Bar. In fact, what they ask the candidate to do simply leave the bar not completely disabled, but without customizing the apps, ie just showing the keys. functions, like a regular keyboard.

As reported by 9to5Mac, member of the board Brian Szontagh said in an email that candidates are * required * to do this, as failure to do so may "compromise the integrity and safety of the test."

Of course, all this would be to prevent people from using the Touch Bar to cheat and get information to help with the test (the so-called "gluing").

The company that makes the software available for this type of test will have technicians in each room and make sure that the Touch Bars are really in working mode. This will be necessary because ExamSoft, which blocks access to the Internet, files and applications, does not yet have the capabilities to block Touch Bar access or to monitor its use.

This concern is so great that in California, banking has gone even further, completely banning the use of MacBooks Pro with Touch Bar, as the MacRumors.

The Examiner Committee was informed that the MacBook Pro Touch Bar laptop contains certain built-in features that make it problematic for use during the February 2017 exam application. As a result, candidates will NOT be allowed to use the MacBook Pro laptop with Touch Bar during the February 2017 race.

No wonder: We have already seen that there is much that can be done with Touch Bar, especially if one knows how to work with codes.