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Total Domination: Apple Wants to Create Its Own Mac Processors and iPhones Modem Chips

It's been more than five years since the first rumors that Apple would stop using Intel's processors on its computers and adopt is a proprietary ARM-based solution.

Many waters have rolled, Ma's own processors that use this architecture and integrate the iGadgets have evolved a lot (to the point where they surpass Intel's), but we don't see anything created specifically for good old Macs.

This idea, however, did not die. On the contrary: in February, the Bloomberg put more wood in that fire and now the Nikkei reinforced even more.

According to some analysts, Apple is keen to expand the capabilities of its semiconductors in parallel, reducing reliance on suppliers. In this way, the company could improve its efforts on artificial intelligence, lower production costs, better protect its own technology, and more.

In addition to ARM architecture processors for Macs, analyst Mark Li said Apple would have invested in research and development to manufacture your own modem chips for iPhones. Currently, Ma depends on Intel and Qualcomm, and as we have been following, we know that with Intel, Qualcomm is not on the best terms. Still, Li said it might take more than two years before we see something of our own.

The search for its own components is not new; Incidentally, Ma just got rid of the reliance on Imagination Technologies graphics chips. So, with all this time of rumors, Apple's efforts may be heading in that direction, and Apple is just waiting for the moment when everything is working perfectly and, of course, performing better than its current vendors. changes happen.

via MacRumors