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Toshiba to repurchase memory division sold to Apple and other companies

At the end of 2017, we reported that Apple and other companies (Dell, Kingston and Seagate) struck a deal with Toshiba in order to buy the memory division of the Japanese. For now, according to Wall street journal, Toshiba repurchases these shares sold to the consortium.

Why? Well, the initial agreement was made to prevent a takeover by the Western digital, which would have basically reduced competition in the market.

After the turbulent period, Toshiba Memory is looking for refinancing and has negotiated $ 11.8 billion in Japanese bank loans to become a public company. This refinancing is sufficient for her to repurchase her shares from the above consortium.

Of course, none of this was done "just" to avoid a possible WD monopoly: with the sale of shares to Toshiba, Apple, Dell, Kingston and Seagate should earn a good few million (thinking of a short-term investment for this, no doubt. , a great deal).

Still, the end result of this transaction involving Apple will be quite beneficial to Apple after all, we will have a more competitive market and possibly more affordable component prices for Ma to use in its products.

via 9to5Mac