Toshiba bets on content and applications to differentiate Tablet

As TeK had already said, Toshiba Portugal started selling its new Tablet, the Folio 100, this week, betting on a price of 399 euros but differentiating the offer also through content and applications.

The Toshiba Market Place circumvents the limitation imposed by Google in the commercialization of Android applications for equipment with a 7-inch screen, adding additional value for content created especially for the Toshiba store and national partnerships in information and entertainment content, in which the brand is working in Portugal.

Jorge Borges, Marketing Director at Toshiba Portugal, explained to TeK that this launch is part of the Toshiba Places strategy, announced at IFA, through which the manufacturer wants to add value to the hardware, allowing access and sharing of content from laptops, tablets and TVs.

The Market Place service already gives access to several dozen applications for the Folio 100, which are being updated as developers expand the adaptation to larger screens, which will already be fully supported by the Android 3.0 version to be launched next year. The goal is to reach the end of November with more than 1,000 applications available at this Toshiba store, where there are free and paid applications.

Jorge Borges does not provide great details for national content, explaining that several partnerships are being negotiated that will be made available at Toshiba Market Place as they are closed.

To stimulate the development of applications for Folio, Toshiba also announced an initiative for programmers, providing a platform on the website with tools and specialized support.

The Toshiba Folio 100 is one of the first media tablet 10.1 inch with Andoid reaching the Portuguese market, capitalizing on the existing interest in this type of products and anticipating the long-awaited launch of the Apple iPad, still without a date set.

Folio 100

With an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, 10.1-inch multi touch screen, HD and 16: 9 aspect ratio, Folio 100 is betting on a new domain of multimedia and information sharing between various devices, powered by DLNA compatibility and Toshiba Places . The operating system is Android 2.2.

This version has a storage capacity of 16 GB and for now the connectivity is guaranteed by Wi-Fi, with a 3G version – possibly in partnership with mobile operators – expected to be available at the beginning of next year, already with the new version. Android 3.0.

See the video that Toshiba made available showing the characteristics and potential of this equipment.