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Topic Twister or a “stop” to play with the smartphone instead of the sheet of paper

Find words, in different categories, beginning with a certain letter, in a limited period of time: these are the basic rules of Stop Game and also Topic Twister.

To play this mobile version you must register either with a Facebook account or with an email address. From the choice of an opponent, which can be done among the list of friends you have already invited, and who have also downloaded the game, or randomly, with opponents automatically suggested.

Once the opponent is found, just turn the wheel to determine the letter that will have to be at the beginning of the words chosen for five categories at stake, which may be countries, fruits and vegetables, brands, capitals of the world, professions, among many others.

Each game has three rounds and, in the end, the winner is the one who answered correctly the most words in one minute in the most rounds.

The free Topic Twister, with advertising and in-app purchases, is available from both the Play Store and the App Store.