HP notebook and PSP console

Top Sales TeK: Top sellers in the second half of November

At a time when shopping centers are “bursting at the seams” and the Christmas gifts are almost always talked about, it is possible that the TeK Top of Sales will also begin to reflect the products included in the Portuguese gift lists.

Chip7, Staples and Worten continue to be the national stores that help “measure the pulse” of trends in terms of the demand for computers, printers, accessories for photography, television or video.

The data now revealed still refer to the last fifteen days of November, but at Staples the first place in the ranking it is already occupied by a “package” that combines a laptop, a PSP 3000 console and two games, Little Big Planet and Jak Daxter, for 649 euros. A proposal to “blink your eyes” when shopping to put under the tree?

HP notebook and PSP console
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Computers also had a strong presence in Chip7’s top sales, where the first place was occupied in this fortnight by a Toshiba laptop, the Satellite C660-11W, with features such as a 15.6 inch HD TFT LED screen and a Intel Dual-Core T4500 processor at 2.3GHz, which costs 499 euros.

The list also includes a PC Tsunami, a Dell Inspiron laptop and the 8.9-inch Tsunami Moover Netbook – which the past two weeks led the chain’s sales. The top is complete with an external disk from Iomega.

In terms of product diversity, it is Worten’s customers that stand out, with choices that include, in that order: an LED TV (Samsung), a multifunction printer (HP), a laptop (Toshiba), a camera ( Sony Cybershot) and a camcorder (Canon).

LED 32

The LED TV at the top of the table is a 32 inch HD ready specimen, sold at 489 euros. The resolution is 1366×768 and has 4 HDMI inputs, 2 USB, capacity for reading MPEG4 and Dolby Digital Plus sound.

The complete tops for the five best-selling products for each store chain can be seen below.

Top Chip7
Top Staples
Top Worten