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Top Android apps to save battery

The Google Play Store already offers over 800,000 Apps and is estimated to reach a million apps by June 2013. Amid so many options, how to choose? Today we will introduce some of best Android apps to help you save battery life.


JuiceDefender not only lets you schedule sync periods or manage your smartphone's resource consumption by acting directly on device settings but also allows you to create profiles that can be applied automatically. This app is available in several versions: free and paid. Here we provide the links:

JuiceDefender – battery saver

JuiceDefender Ultimate

JuiceDefender Plus

JuiceDefender beta

perhaps one of the battery saving apps with the simplest interface. You will see on the home screen the battery status, how much you still have available and actions you can take to save battery life and reduce power consumption, such as reducing screen brightness or turning off GPS. The app manages your connections and when the device goes into standby mode, the 2x Battery app disables the connections and only reactivates them either when you turn on the device screen or when data is being synchronized.

Easy Battery Saver, its best feature that displays information on the smartphone's current battery status on the main screen and allows you to turn off or adjust Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile data and screen brightness. The app also graphically shows which apps appear to be consuming the most power.

Green Power Battery Saver is a free and fully automatic app. Once set up, you will be saving battery power without having to do anything else. It makes smart management of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Network: turning off when not needed and automatically turning on when other apps or you need it (for example, receiving emails).

This app controls the connectivity of your smartphone and provides you with well-organized graphical information about battery status. This free application has its own application uninstaller, task killer to close processes, statistics and application monitoring.

Usually, smartphones perform many functions at the same time, overcharging their battery. Power-saving apps switch connection and search features, which consume much of the battery charge. It's worth downloading and testing one of these apps.

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