Top 7 Kernel Linux 4.0 New Features

The expected new Linux Kernel 4.0 is between us and has a name at least peculiar, they are calling him "Hurr durr I'm a sheep", that is, "Hurr durr I'm a sheep", take a look to see what, besides the weird name, this new kernel will come up with.

How to Install Linux 4.0

Linux 4.0, the story of a happy drunk kernel

Okay, so the Kernel has drunk incisive doses of alcohol itself, but who had the brilliant idea to put his codename of "Hurr Durr I am a sheep" He was certainly not enjoying full mental abilities.

Just kidding, the name Kernel does not really bring extremely significant news, but that does not mean that there is an improvement that deserves to be highlighted, incidentally, there are several, and we will list all for you in this article.

Last night, upon entering the kernel page, I unexpectedly came across the long-awaited kernel 4.0, as everyone usually gives us information about the new features, so will I, but I decided to do a review of the story shortly before its release. .

In the past, as in versions 2.4 and 2.6, we had too many numbers that we know as X.Y.Z where:

– X was version number

– Y having even number represented the stable version and odd the developing version

– Z represented the patchlevel (ie the loop version)

Then there was still a last number of fixes made over time. The latest version of 2.6 it was the

At the end of the last kernel ties 2.6, the community decided to vote to decide if they would adopt the verse 2.8 or 3.0, and finally adopted the verse 3.0 With that the concept X.Y.Z had changes where 3 the stable version, Y the release version and Z the corrections over time.

Too many numbers confuse people, which is why we use multiple! 🙂

The interesting point is that for version 4.0 Linus Torvalds launched up to a G + election to decide whether to get the number 4 or continue 3.

This way this new Kernel 4.0 would technically be 3.20, just with a simpler name.

A more game-oriented kernel every day

Reviewing the story shortly before the last release we noticed that Linux has been getting game improvements from kernel 3.15 onwards, driver improvements for AMD / Nvidia and SoC processors, around kernel 3.18 was fixed a known bug Like the 2013 issue on March 9, 60 kernel developers signed a small patch called conflict code. linux-gaming

Top 7 Kernel 4.0 New Features

Looking at the new features of version 4.0 we can see improvements in the radical, alias, on the site itself Linux Kernel Mailing List states that there is nothing very special compared to 3.19.4. Linus adds that 4.1 is likely to be a major release, the main news is:

1 – Install kernel updates without rebooting (this show);

2 – Intel Skylake platform enhancements;

3 – Intel Quark SoC Support;

4 – Several patches to improve the running of Linux on Playstation 3;

5 – AMD Radeon DisplayPort Audio TOpen-source driver support;

6 – Various misc HID drivers, including Lenovo Compact Keyboards, Wacom Cintiq 27QHD,

Toshiba power configuration drivers added USB sleep / charge, rapid charge, sleep w / music, etc;

7 – File System improvements including F2FS, BtrfFS, etc.

summing up

Apart from details that will be noticed only by very specific users, such as those who want to install Linux on a PS3, the news is subtle.

Most users who will feel any difference will be those running AMD hardware, they may feel a slight improvement (without thousands!) And also the people who usually upgrade the kernel.

The ability to switch from running kernel without restarting your machine is a very interesting feature, a very useful feature for servers.

Ubuntu users can enjoy this kernel, as Canonical has released it on:

For other systems that want to enjoy this precious just access the Kernel site itself clicking this link.

Upgrade the Kernel, an almost "Shakespearean" dilemma

This article was written collaboratively with my friend Gabriel of Toca do Tux blog, He and I often discuss some Kernel issues, and between cafes always have that question about whether it's really worth updating this berry.

Maybe you have the same question but based on what was presented I think you can make a coherent decision, to make your life even easier we have prepared a video to address this issue.

Upgrade or not, that is the question!

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See you next time! 🙂

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