As melhores distros Linux para pentest

Top 7 – Best Linux distros for Pentest

Get to know the best Linux distributions now for penetration testing on computer systems and networks.

The best Linux distros for pentest

The best Linux distributions to make Pentest

It is a never-going theme, and unfortunately it is forgotten by some people when it comes to building their systems or setting up computer networks.

Today we are going to show you the best Linux distributions to perform Pentest (penetration testing), these are ready-made systems that can assist you in your work to prevent attacks.

Linux distros of this type are used by IT security professionals, students, and those "Toddynho-powered hackers" I said on this videoThere are pre-installed security testing tools in them, and these same tools can be installed on virtually any Linux distro, the biggest differential of which all comes "ready."

Top 7 – Best Linux Penetration Testing Distributions

There are a lot, really, in Distrowatch has over 50, but here we list the top 7, with them you have all the tools you need to make sure your network or system is intact.

The list is not in order of quality, or something, it is in order of popularity.

7 – NodeZero Linux

NodeZero Linux Pentest

6 – Fedora Spin – Security

Fedora Spin Security - Linux Pentest

5 – Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS Linux Pentest

4 – BlackArch Linux

Black Arch Linux Pentest

3 – Pentoo

Pentoo Linux Pentest

2 – BackBox Linux

Pentest Linux Backbox

1 – Kali Linux

Kali Linux Pentest

Best Linux Distros for Pentest – Conclundo

This list contains the most popular Linux distributions for Pentest purpose, the first 3 are the most widely used and known, but in the list you have known other good options for you to try, if you are interested in any just click on Information link below each item will take you to the project page where you can clarify any questions you may have.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this, have you used any of these distros? What do you think? Which do you consider better? Is there anything else you like that isn't on the list?

Help us make the article more complete by posting your opinion in the comments below, see you next time!

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