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Top 5 – Linux Distros for Server Use

Open Source technology is extremely versatile, but undoubtedly a place where it excels in service infrastructure and the Internet itself. Linux is very popular in this segment and so today you will get to know five Linux distributions that you will probably bump into when working with servers.

It is important to know the most famous Linux distributions in this segment in order to be better prepared for the job market, if you want to work with Linux servers, of course, or simply to give some indications if need be.

The term "server" itself is very vague. The important point is that "the saying whose" will perform, in other words, "what it will serve".

Certainly there are distributions built to meet certain demands that are excellent, such as RockStor, Open Media Vault, Zentyal, etc. In fact, any server-focused Linux distribution can be applied to each activity that has a specifically developed solution, just learn how to configure it and get the service to work.

Today's list will include Linux distributions that can be used for generic purposes and are recognized in the market as excellent options.

– Debian

O Debian is one of the world's leading Linux distributionsIt is used by large critical mission projects, such as the systems that control the international space station. Of course all server-focused distributions are stable, but this is a matter that Debian takes very seriously, to the extent that you relate the two words easily. Need a stable server? Debian is a great option!

The "son of Debian" also has a guaranteed place in this segment. The system is also one of the most popular in the world of servers, used in various systems where intermittence is important, such as weather labs. Because it's so popular on desktops too, it's certainly a place with a lot of documentation and tutorials, just like Debian, to start planning your server.

Moving on to the "RPM outside", we started with Red Hat EL, maintained by one of the world's largest T.I infrastructure companies using Open Source technologies. Red Hat is so reliable and stable It is used to control US Army submarines, but of course, its applicability is not limited to.

Because the large documentation present for Red Hat Enterprise Linux to match CentOS, it is also often the choice for infrastructure of many different sized companies.

SUSE is one of the pioneers in using Linux and Open Source infrastructure software. Currently the company is going through a new and interesting phase, with greater budget and independence and extremely popular, especially in Europe. The Yast (Yet Another Setup Tool) maybe it's the SUSE feature killer for the market.

Notice one thing …

Note that I didn't put numbers on my list, especially since I don't believe there is an order of "better for worse" or vice versa, these are undoubtedly the most famous districts on the market, however, they are not the only ones. , others that could easily get on a list like this are Oracle Linux, Oracle and ClearOS, Intel, among others, but anyway, the list needed to have an end.

The information contained herein can help you to direct your studies and testing of operating systems, either to prepare for the job market or to be certified. However, nothing prevents you from having a favorite, which version of Linux do you like to use on servers?

See you next time!

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