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Top 5 Linux Distributions You Can Take on Your Pen Drive

Linux is such a malevolent and integrated technology that we forget that it is "just" a kernel, and since the kernel is only part of a system, say, "operational" (in the functional sense), it's often overlooked in the size / importance. If you access the site kernel.org You will see that the size of the Linux kernel is relatively small, especially considering the potential it has. With less than 100 MB you have all the Linux Kernel at your disposal, that is, you can take the most used kernel in the world on any pen drive or memory card.

Small Linux Distributions

At these times you think: "Is it possible to create a distro that contains only the Linux kernel and the basics to be operational?"

And the answer is a big YES (giving a double twisted twist)! In fact there are many distributions with this concept, some even downsize the kernel to get even smaller, believe it or not!

In this article I will show you the 5 Pocket Linux Distributions that I like and admire the most; Remembering that the list is not in the order of best to worst or vice versa, I am simply sorting them out for personal taste. Let's go?

5 – Slax (210 MB)


It fits smoothly on any Pen Drive, uses the KDE environment and is based on the traditional Linux Slackware distribution. Slax is a recompilation of Slackware (Slack for the last) with the goal of containing as few dependencies as possible, this makes the distro very lean and yet allows for an even broader range of software.

4 – Slacko Puppy Linux (234 MB)

Slacko Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux could not be left out of this list, especially after the Slackware based project spindle (look at it again), the recommended distro for anyone who wants a minimalist system and / or owns a very old (real) computer. . I had one of those big computers, "bee box," as we call them today (nicknamed Darth Vader), those whites that turn yellow over time, you know? Yeah, Puppy saved him for a while. The interface a mix of JWM with Openbox.

3 – Bodhi Linux (563 MB)

Bodhi Linux

Bodhi Linux (Bodhi no Bode, okay?) Is perhaps the most beautiful minimalist distro in my opinion. He is based on Ubuntu and has long used the Enlightenment interface (it took me a while to write this name), but has recently changed to a "new" called Moksha Desktop; the "new" quotes are due to the fact that Moksha is a fork and continuation of Enlightenment 17, much improved truth, at least in appearance.

It is not to say that the small download, however, is much smaller than any popular distro of the present-day ready; Arch Linux, Gentoo, Ubuntu Mininal, Debian Net Install and the like do not enter this article for this reason.

But I really want small distros! Same? So see the next ones!

2 – SliTaz (35 MB)


– Dionatan, didn't you miss the number over there? Wouldn't it be missing a zero?

Well, it's not! 35 MB and that! Want to know something more impressive? SliTaz only needs 48 MB of RAM to run! Alright … that's only true if you install it directly, if you run via LiveCD it will need 190 MB, but it is still a good size.

If your computer can't run it, better buy a brick! lol …

Obviously, with such a small size, it is a simple yet complete system. Does that show how much Linux can be optimized, really? SliTaz offers a complete and very functional graphical desktop based on LXDE and Openbox as well.

– Download SliTaz

1 – Tiny Core Linux

Tiny Core Linux Here's a curious fact about the Tiny Core: It was originally a fork of another "miniature distro" that didn't appear on this list, the Damn Small Linux, That's good … I think the name says it all, right? Today Tiny Core is an independent project with a very interesting concept; what : How small can we let this business go and still work? Alright, well, this, the original "The Core Project is a highly modular based system with community build extensions." But my coolest, tell the truth! = D

Damn Small Linux (the initial base of the project) is a distro that is only 50 MB in size, and Tiny Core? They tried to do the smallest thing possible! For what? I do not know… "Why d"would be a good answer I think.

Tiny Core has 3 distinct versions, the "Core " have only (throat clearing), 8 MB in size!

Of course, with such a size it has no graphical interface, just the shell (terminal), but if terminal is not your beach don't worry; without going too far in size, we have the "TinyCore (the standard version) ", this verse has 12 MB in size It has a graphical environment (the one in the image above, by the way) and has support for cable internet only.

For those who have a pen drive left (wow!) And want to use amazing 64 MB in size, you can download the version "CorePlus'; In addition to wired network support, it also has Wi-Fi support.

The graphical interface is not at all advanced obviously, it simply has support for X.org and has dynamic libraries linked with FLTK / FLWM to draw windows.

– Download Tiny Core Linux

All together?

This is my list of Pocket Linux Systems, if you missed any comments you know or like, feel free to quote it through the blog comments, I will like to know your opinion!

Have you tested or used any in production? It may be very interesting that you share your experience with other readers!

Ahh … and an additional tip! Did you know that you can put all these distros on a single pen drive?

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See you next time!

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