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TOP 5 Android Football Apps

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No matter what team moves you, football is a worldwide crush! / AndroidPIT

1. The Football App

The Football App is an app I can call international. Collecting eight million downloads, the app spans more than 100 leagues and live international competitions – and this detail caught my attention! In addition to being a rich source of news about world football, The Football App took first place in this TOP 5 because it also has live coverage minute by minute of the game.

The Football App
You can follow the live match, minute by minute, of your mobile device! / AndroidPIT

Brazilian Serie A, Confederations Cup 2013, Copa Libertadores, World Cup Qualifiers, in short, there are 100 different championships and you can still choose to receive notifications with fresh information about your team, as well as those who also make their own. heart beat harder. For example, my app is set up to send me news about Gremio, my team in Brazil, and about Werder Bremen, my team in Germany.

Between the main features are live calendars and results, live editorial comments, match statistics, championships and players, information about each player on each team, player photos, team roster, up to 100 news per day about national and international matches, videos (collective) press releases, interviews, highlights, etc.) and customizable push notifications for the various competitions.

The football app UI
The Football App UI is very intuitive, which makes it really easy for users to use the app! / AndroidPIT

There are two things the user needs to be aware of: the app automatically recognizes the language being used on the device as the default language, so if you want to read news in Portuguese, have this language selected as the default; It is still related to the news, one thing I did not like that the news – and videos – are configured generally, that is, there is no filter per league or league.

Follow The Football App review by our experts.

But overall, The Football App is great for those who, even without watching the matches, want to be on top of everything that has happened on the pitch, as well as off the pitch, such as statistics, results table and match schedule.

2. UOL Score

The UOL Score is a bit more limited than The Football App, but it also brings bid to bid, the scale and events of major games of national and international championships. Incidentally, this feature only adds the specialized applications in some sports coverage, since we can not always be in front of the television or even listening to the game over the radio. And in that, the UOL Score gets points. A curiosity, after each game, the last information published in the minute is a small analysis of the game in question. These details earn points – at least in my review!

UOL Live Score
Using the UOL Score the user can also follow the game bid by bid … all the best for those stuck in traffic! / AndroidPIT

Brazilian, Libertadores, Brazilian Cup, Champions League, European Championships, State and other football events "one touch on your smartphone"as the App description writes in the Google Play Store.

Between the main caractersitcas These include bid-by-bid coverage, the ability to keep track of the league table and league standings, watch team-related videos, browse match albums and follow news from the national press.

The application runs easy, had no gagging, but was poor in terms of UI when compared to the previous application. To see the information about the championships that Score U cob, the usuri directed to a new page, a menu added to each league would offer a much richer experience to the app.

UOL Score
The UOL Score UI still needs to improve, as it is far from making life easier for the user … and has errors in special characters! / AndroidPIT

Overall, the UOL Score is very good for keeping up with real-time matches and then staying behind the scenes with news, photo and video coverage.

3. Score

Starting a little slower than previous applications, Editora Abril's Score has a smaller coverage than the previous one, which curiously bears almost the same name, but quite complete about the Confederations Cup. Want real-time game coverage? Score also offers. Another thing that the app delivers with "little star" are the exclusive images of the matches, it is very worth checking out.

April score
Yes, the goldmine of soccer android apps real time coverage! / AndroidPIT

At main features from Placar are coverage of local championship news, exclusive photo galleries, access to Placar magazine's top bloggers (exclusive information), all player listings and real-time coverage. It is a pity that it is only the Confederations Cup, but I believe the application is usable by championship.

UI score
With a menu that offers a very good experience with the app, Score is smaller but better developed (in terms of design) than Score UOL. / AndroidPIT

Scoreboard delivers a very good user experience: real-time design and information, and especially after the games, exclusive content written by leading names in national football.

4. Brazil 2013

The Brasil 2013 app was added to this list because it was developed by Interactive Sport. The app is a gathering of information about the Confederations Cup and its games. The issue that should be responsible for this Android application also develop apps for other sports competitions. Nothing much improved, but quite functional and light. With this app you also follow the games in real time.

Brazil 2013
The UI may not be the most beautiful, but the information given in real time! / AndroidPIT

Between the main features of this app are keeping abreast of the results of the live matches, the latest news about the event to which the information is being transmitted at that particular time (I believe that after the Confederations Cup, they should update the championship), the updated table and sports news directly from the Yahoo Sports page.

Brazil 2013 UI
This is the start page of Brazil 2013 … and I can say it gets right to the point! / AndroidPIT

Despite the poor user interface, the app lives up to what it came for. As I said before, I believe that the people of Interactive Sport will not put Brazil 2013 aside after the Confederations Cup final, but will enjoy it for other national championships.

5. Sky Sports Brasil

Before talking about SKY Sports Brazil, I need to say that this was the only app I didn't personally test, but I had some help from Brazilian users, since the app doesn't work in Europe (at least not with me). However, one sure thing, you will not be on hand using it, as it also relies on the transmission of the game minute by minute.

Sky Sports Brasil
Comparison of results and coverage of the games in real time! / Google Play Store

At main features They are the simultaneous monitoring of the rounds and news of the most important football championships, live game coverage and have a very interesting tool: the user can comment and share all information using the integrated system to Facebook and Twitter. This does not mean that the apps presented above do not.

Sky Sports Brasil UI
The UI brings news in real time using the page wheel! / Google Play Store

The dynamic UI, but I would take some of this red, of course this comes to strengthen the Sky Brasil brand, but I find it unnecessary while usuria. In addition, the app offers very complete coverage of national and international championships.


As you can see from the applications I selected, they all have one thing in common: the ability to let you know the real-time bidding and offer the opportunity to follow the team, either at home or internationally, even after the game is over. .

What is important to you in a football app for a smartphone or tablet? What can not miss? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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