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Top 5 Android Apps by Cias Areas

Why check in online when you can use your smartphone for this? Nowadays any serious-minded airline has its own mobile app. Also taking into consideration the domestic air market and the demand for domestic and international flights, we have brought together the top Area Areas offering Android apps to their passengers and conducted a test to find out Top 5 Android Apps by Cias Areas. Find out where the airlines hit and why.

5. TAM

One of the largest airlines flying in and out of Brazil, TAM has fallen short of its Android application. After researching the company's website and other technology sites, it's disheartening to know that our premier Cia Area does not market ticket areas or even check in via an Android app. By accessing the company page via mobile phone, the user automatically comes to a page for mobile check-in or for accessing iOS-only compatible TAM apps.

As a kind of consolation prize, the QR Code TAM app, available on the company's page, can be used on board or in TAM's VIP lounges to get what the company called something beyond what the eyes could see. Through the camera of the device, you capture QR codes and access extra information.

Offering at least one Android app, TAM was not behind GOL.

4. Air France

Loved for its good food and hated for constant strikes, Air France offers passengers a modern and efficient Android app. My colleague from the Russian site used the company's App last flight to Paris and confirmed that the app works very well. In addition to managing all bookings and storing your boarding pass codes offline, you can also book your flight in just 5 simple steps. The app may not come with all the interesting extras, but it does a good job. You can even contact the customer service via Twitter or Facebook directly from the app. That yes progress!

3. TAP

The Portuguese TAP recently enabled international flights from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, and offers one of the most complete Android apps. There you can check schedules, departures and arrivals, book tickets, check in, offer a loyalty card and a tour guide of the destination of your choice. The clean design, all information is in Portuguese and also informs about domestic flight schedules of partner carriers, such as TAM.

2. KLM

KLM brings one of the most elegant applications among the five Cias Areas reviewed for this article. Through the KLM App you book and purchase tickets, check in and manage your trip. Just enter the details of the trip at least once and they will always be at hand. One of the features that drew the most attention was that of special offers, with far more affordable prices than local airlines. You can also contact the customer service via Twitter or Facebook directly from the app. That yes progress!

In addition, through the airline application you reserve seats and you can choose for more comfort, arrange extra luggage at a 20% discount and can cancel check-in if there is a change of plans. a really amazing app. The only problem is that the app is only in English.

1. EasyJet

What the App lacks in function pays off in terms of usability and design. Although the EasyJet app will not allow you to store your boarding pass on your mobile phone (the feature will however be released very soon), booking a flight with the app is very easy. Large fonts, light buttons and an easy-to-use calendar where you can book your flight with just a few simple clicks – a perfect solution for anyone planning to purchase tickets spontaneously on a Europe trip, for example. And the EasyJet app ensures that you don't miss your flight through constant notifications. This is a great example of an App that national companies like GOL could be inspired by.

The very "youth-oriented" app is sure to be wrapped in a flashy orange-white design that screams "Get off your couch and travel!". The app allows you to book your ticket, change or cancel your reservation, as well as pay for boarding luggage and sports equipment. In short, the application is so beautiful and elegant that it is worth inspiring our Country Areas in Brazil.

The country seems to evolve in terms of air services offered to the population: more affordable prices and security. However, nearly two years from the 2014 World Cup, it is still surprising that some domestic airlines are lagging behind in terms of technology for mobile. It's time to roll up your sleeves and develop ways that improve and make it easy to buy tickets via smartphone through intuitive and functional apps. What is missing for this market of more than 251 million handsets to launch at one time?

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