Dock Apps para Linux

Top 3 Dock Applications for Linux

Would you like to use docks to organize your work area and speed up your productivity? So today you will know what I consider to be the 3 best apps for this purpose. Check out:

Dock Apps for Linux

There are several applications for this purpose, but in my opinion, 3 of them stand out. If you want to use any of them, no matter what interface you use, they will certainly streamline your work.

1 – Cairo Dock

Cairo Dock

I used Cairo Dock a lot in the past, because, because it is so much more than a "simple dock", Cairo Dock can provide a practically complete graphical interface, so that when you install it you will find a Cairo Dock session on your login screen. . By far, it is the heaviest of the 3 in this post, but also perhaps the one with the most configuration options and plugins to enhance its functions.

You can find it in the repository of practically all Linux distributions, just consult the application center.

2 – Plank

Plank Dock Linux If the Cairo Dock is full of resources and can be complex, depending on your point of view, the Plank Dock, originating from the elementary OS the opposite. It is extremely simple, yet functional. In it you will find all the basic aspects of how a dock application works.

On Plank you will find, just like Cairo Dock, concealment and behavior functions, support for themes and animations, and desktop position.

Plank is also in repositories for just about every district, just look for it in your Application Center, or install it from the terminal.

3 – Docky


Docky is my third place, he is much more like Plank than Cairo, but has a few more functions compared to Plank. It's as light as Plank and can be a good alternative too, it has many themes available that you find on the internet.

Once again, you can find it in your distribution's Application Center, or you can install it via terminal.

And is there anybody else you like that isn't on the list? Add your suggestion in the comments! :]

See you next time!

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