Top 20 Apps (APPS) for Google Chrome

This post is intended to be useful to you regardless of which operating system you use (Linux or Windows).

For a moment now, stop and think about what you do in front of the computer:

(time for you to think xD)

Because probably the answer was internet, we ended up almost exclusively using the computer to access our emails, use our social networks, do research, etc.

Fundamental part of this use the browser.

Sure, you can use anyone but internet explorer to do your jobs, but I will dedicate this article and a few more to talk about the facilities of google chrome, google browser.

The term cloud computing is becoming recurrent on the internet, and in fact various utilities and programs you use are available in cloud versions sometimes even with extended features.

Won't you talk about google chrome?

Yes of course, it would be there; Google Chrome in this latest version has opened a bigger and broader and clearer perspective of what this computing would look like.

The new Chrome:

Since the last version was released google chrome has brought with us the WEB STORE, store of applications to be used directly in the browser.

So here is the real purpose of this, making an application guide for google chrome to make you more productive, and to run a browser you don't need to have very advanced hardware, making the browser the main tool as if it were not already can give that survival on your PC, no matter what OS you use.

To know the best applications for google chrome click here.