Top 12 Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

Wine is easily one of the most beloved drinks in the world, even by people who do not appreciate other types of alcoholic beverages. Considering that there are many types of wine and enough knowledge about them to purchase, there is nothing fairer than just having apps for that. Amazingly, wine apps are not lacking in app stores on Android and iOS devices. Whether to have more knowledge about them or to buy and receive drinks by delivery.

Of course each one appeals to a different need, which can make it harder to know which one you should use. So we have sorted and listed some of the best wine apps you could find. If you're curious, just check out our recommendations and what each one serves in the list below!

1. Hello Vino

hello vino wine apps

To start our list, we have Hello Vino. It is a good option for those who are already a wine connoisseur and enthusiast and want an app to accompany them while shopping and experimenting.

You can keep a virtual notebook with your favorite wines, ask the app for tips on which wine best suits your meal, or even establish which types you like best.

It even offers a way to scan labels for more information about a vintage, something more useful when shopping. You can download the app on Android or iPhone.

2. Vivino

Vivino is great for those looking for wine in physical stores and needs more information about them quickly. He can scan the label on the bottle to show you details about the crop, what other enthusiasts think of it, and more specialized analysis.

If the app can't identify the wine, they still offer to pass the label on to their experts to give you information manually. Another cool thing you can get is wine recommendations and find out the best places to buy. You can download the free app on Android and iPhone.

3. Banquet

Banquet is an application aimed more at buying wine in a simpler and faster way. It can show you thousands of wine types, available from larger stores or from independent vendors.

There is the option of delivery or withdrawal with the seller, it all depends of course on what is available in your region. Definitely one of the best wine apps for enthusiasts. You can download the app on Android or iPhone.

4. Delectable

Delectable is for those who want to know more about certain wine brands. You can research them, see reviews and information about the taste of the crop. All this by scanning the label of the bottle in question.

Other than that, you can still keep notes about your favorite wines and what you think about each one after you try them. You can check more and download the app on your Android or iPhone.

5. Know Your Wine

Our next suggestion is Know Your Wine. As the name suggests, it is best suited for those who want to learn more about basic and fundamental things about wine, but can also be used by those who already have more knowledge of the subject.

There are many modules on the variety of wines, on grapes, on the different regions where it is produced and more. It can be downloaded for free, but some of its modules need to be purchased. Check out more on your iPhone.

6. Drizly

Like Banquet, Drizly is an app that focuses on those who want to buy wine with convenience. It shows several stores with the wines you want to buy and has the option of home delivery.

Of course it all depends on the region you are in. You can check out more about the app and download it for free on Android and iPhone via the links.

7. Wine-Searcher

The name of the Wine-Searcher app is another that makes its purpose quite obvious to the user. It serves not only to research different types of wines but also to scan the label of their bottles.

This gives you access to more information about the wine, reviews, and whether the price charged at the store is in line with what is normally charged.

You can also keep a notebook about your favorite wines and more. You can download the free app on your Android or iPhone.

8. Wine Ring

Wine Ring is another good choice of wine apps you can use. He can learn the kind of wine you like to recommend vintages that may also interest you.

This is based on your analysis of other wines in the app compared to the analysis made by other users. You can also make notes about which wines you have tasted and what you think about them. You can download the app on Android or iPhone.

9. Wine Picker

Wine Picker is a bit different from most of the apps suggested here, despite some similar features. It is perfect for those who go out to dinner and always have a doubt which wine to choose to accompany the meal.

You can select what type of food to try, how much you want to spend at most, and even what restaurant you are at. He gives you several suggestions based on his filters and preferences. You can download the app on Android and iPhone.

10. Vinous

vinous wine apps

Vinious is a very good app for those who already have some knowledge about wines. He has analyzes of various wines, explains in detail the taste of each and even has varied articles on the subject.

There is even a very detailed glossary with various wine-related terms, which can be useful even for those new to the subject. It can be used for free, but there is also a signature for those who want more content. You can download it from Android or iPhone.

11. Cellar Tracker

Already Cellar Tracker is a well-suited app for those who have a cellar or a smaller collection of wines at home. With the app, you can write down everything you have and organize your collection efficiently.

The app can be used for free, but you can have a premium account to scan the bottle labels you have. This makes it even simpler to control everything. You can check out the app on Android and iPhone.

12. VinoCell

We take advantage that we talk about Cellar Tracker, also worth recommending VinoCell. It's very similar to the previous one, since you can mark all the bottles you have in your collection and add notes on each one.

The app is geared for those looking for a premium experience, so it's good to know this beforehand. You can check out the paid app only on iPhone for now.

Did you like the wine apps?

Can you take advantage of our list to know some of the best wine apps in existence? So just be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of our suggestions and if there's another app you'd like to see here.