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Top 10 Photo Writing Apps

Editing your images and photos by adding filters, putting interesting text and phrases in them is a big trend on social networks, especially on Instagram. To increase the popularity of your page you need to use any of these photo writing apps.

If you want to make your images even more chic, you can use any of the various photo editing and editing tools. Many of which include the ability to add text and phrases, allowing you to create beautiful and simple greeting cards to send to anyone you want.

Thinking of creating virtual cards to distribute to your WhatsApp groups or selling custom cards? So get to know the best apps to do this!

1. Canva

This is one of the best photo writing app options, which offers a lot of functionality for editing and creating banners, posters, flyers and other arts, as well as obviously allowing the user to put text on their images.

Here you can create stylized posts, almost professionally, using over 100 different fonts and hundreds of layouts for your photos, all in the free version. It also offers a premium version with the possibility to do much more! Interested? Start using Canva right now on the official site.


2. PicsArt

Another of the photo writing apps PicsArt. The app allows you to remove or change the background, add drawing effect, control color exposure and adjust its tones, and add text to your images.

To do this you can simply open the app, select the photo and click on the"Text". Then you can choose size, font, color, shadow and more to make the perfect text for the image in question. Go to the official website to learn about the app, where you can edit in browsers or download the app for iOS, Android or Windows.

3. Snapseed

This alternative is one of the best among photo writing apps. Developed by Google, which has dozens of image editing options, making them perfect for posting online.

It offers ready-made text templates for easy editing, as well as choosing balloons, shapes, lines, banners, fonts, colors and more. All to leave the creativity of the user free to do what you want. It offers options for iOS on the App Store and Android on the Play Store.

Snapseed apps for writing in photos

4. Phonto

It has over 400 font options, allowing the user to install even more. Phonto offers text size control and features a collection of effects such as balloons, rectangles, stars and hearts.

You also have control over all the detailed options of the text, among others. To get to know Phonto better, just visit its official page.

5. Piczoo

Another option of applications that perform the function of writing text is Piczoo. The app allows the user to edit their photos in many different ways. You can crop them, create tiles, add frames or filters, and make pastes using predefined layouts.

It also features a unique photo editing tool for posting to Instagram. This way, the images you edit will be saved to the optimal size for the social network. In addition to the essential tool for adding text, allowing choice of color, fonts, size, among many other options. To see more, see App Store or Play Store.

6. PicLab

Another of the best photo writing app options is PicLab, which works as a multi-functional photo editor. It allows adding filters, resizing images, applications, effects, textures and many other features.

In adding and editing photo texts, it allows choices such as rotation, size, opacity, multiple text layers, numerous fonts, choice of emojis and stickers for what was written, among other options. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

PicLab Photo Writing Apps

7. Photo2Text

This option is available only for Apple mobile devices, iPhones, and iPads. another that only offers the possibility of adding text to the images, without being able to make any other edits.

If that is your goal, Photo2Text can be a great option. It has a number of text options, such as adding numerous labels, specific controls over the look of what has been written, postcard creation, and more. If you're interested in this app, you can go to the App Store to download it.

8. Rhonna Designs

This is one of the best application alternatives for writing in photos. It has only paid version, but it remains one of the most indicated on the list.

In this application, the user can add fonts and customize them as he likes by adding more than one font to the same text – within a huge selection – adding stickers and overlapping images and effects, among others. Go to the official page to download the app on your smartphone of choice.

9. DesignLab – Creative Design

Another of the photo writing apps is DesignLab, an option focused on social networks, especially Instagram Stories. It has a huge variety of tools, allowing the user to start their art from scratch or edit from one of the thousands of templates offered.

DesignLab allows you to select from dozens of fonts, can change their color, size and opacity, rotate what you have written and the ability to add various types of effects. If you were interested in this free app, follow the link to the App Store.

10. Over Edit & Add Text to Photos

This is the last of the alternatives on our list, but make no mistake thinking that that's why it's not good. The app offers a multitude of features, allowing you to create artwork for posters, cards, emails, flyers and more.

It has over 25,000 different effects, such as frames, backgrounds, shapes and illustrations, among others. For text, it allows the addition and control of shadow, color and font. You can choose from hundreds of different fonts. Visit the App Store to download it for iOS or the Play Store for Android.

Over apps for writing in photos

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