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Top 10 Online Ukulele Tuners

An instrument that has become increasingly popular is the ukulele. If you want to get into the wave of playing it, you will need a good tuner for it to run in your browser.

With that in mind, we have created a list of the best ukulele tuners online. Some of which are also available in mobile version, allowing you to tune the instrument on your smartphone.

1. Online Tuner

This is one of the best options among ukulele online tuners. It has two tuning methods: the chromatic tuner and the tuning fork.

The chromaticist uses his microphone to perform tuning, but does not work if his instrument is too out of tune. Already the tuning fork requires you to tune by sound, making your ukulele sound just like the one shown in the app.

In addition, this online tuner also lets you tune to many other stringed instruments such as guitar, guitar, violin and banjo, among others.

It has a beautiful retractable interface and offers control over input volume. If you want to use, follow the link at the official site.

online tuner

2. UkuTuner

Another alternative for you to tune your ukulele is UkuTuner, a platform developed specifically for this instrument. He is one of the easiest tuners to use for ukulele. Completely free and extremely versatile, offering a wide range of tunings.

Unfortunately, the app does not offer a chromatic tuner but only has the option of tuning by ear. It offers real ukulele sounds and just a digital tone with the right note. UkuTuner has a chord dictionary, how-to guides, metronome and ciphers, among others. Click on the link to start using it.

3. Get Tuned

Get Tuned is one of the best options for online ukulele tuners, as well as offering tuning of various instruments. Instead of allowing you to tune from some limited options, it allows the user to select the desired note.

On the right side of the screen you can find the most commonly used presets for tuning the instrument, as well as allowing you to switch between ukulele and digital sound. It does not have a chromatic tuner, it needs to be done by ear. Follow the link to use the site.

4. Ukulele Tricks

This is another great platform with ukulele tips, which also has a great tuner. He is one of the ukulele tuners with a chromatic option and the most common tuning fork. With this app, even the novice can fine tune.

In the tuning tuner, you can choose from the 7 most common tuning presets. The site offers a number of other tools, such as metronome and chord dictionary, as well as a long list of songs in various categories, one of which is for beginners only. If you want to use this tuner, click on the link.

ukulele tricks ukulele tuners online

5. UkeBuddy

Another good option for tuning ukulele is offered by UkeBuddy, another learning platform for this instrument. On the tuner, you find both the chromatic microphone microphone and the tuning fork so that you can tune by ear using one of the four most common tunings.

In addition, you will find chord lists, scales and ciphers of hundreds of famous songs in their versions for this instrument. You can also buy over 10 hours of guides on how to play your ukulele. If you want to tune your ukulele through this site, follow the link.

6. Ukulele-Tabs

Ukulele-Tabs is one of ukulele's online tuner options, but it only has one tuning fork per ear without the chromatic option. In it, you can choose from just two tuning options: soprano and bartono.

On the website you can also find ciphers, tabs, chords, metrnomes and guide lessons on how to play the instrument. Therefore we can say that Ukulele-Tabs is a very complete platform for those who like ukulele. If you want to use it to tune, go to the site.

7. Uke-Tuner

This is one of the best ukulele tuners online, offering an excellent and extremely accurate chromatic tuner. On the other hand, and contrary to most sites on the list, the app has no tabs for the instrument.

The tuning process is quite simple: Just give the site access to your microphone, select the string you want to tune (or enable the auto detect option) and play it. With that, be shown on screen what you need to do to get the string tuned. If you want to make use of this tuner, follow the link.


8. UkeSong

UkeSong is another of the ukulele learning platforms, featuring various tutorials on how to play this instrument. It also provides tips on how to choose the right instrument for you, how to tune it and the best accessories, as well as a chord dictionary.

Your tuner is exclusively by ear, but has a fairly large amount of different tuning styles. That is, you can configure your ukulele to sound as you want or need. If you are interested in this option, follow the link.

9. Online Tuner

This option is one of the best among ukulele tuners online. We can say the same for many other stringed instruments such as guitar, guitar, bass and 7 or 12 string guitar. It also has chord lists for both guitar and ukulele.

Its tuner looks extremely simple but very functional. Tuner Online offers both tuning and tuning tuning options for those who prefer tuning by ear. On the other hand, it does not have variations of tunings, offering only the standard. If you want to use the site, click on the link.

10. ProGuitar

The last option on our list is one that has already appeared in our article about the best online guitar tuners and is on that list again. The standard tuner is chromatic, you need a microphone to use, but you can also play the notes so you can tune by ear.

It offers a good amount of different tuning presets for all types of ukulele. On the site you will find violin, guitar, mandolin and tuner tuners, as well as an easy-to-use metronome. Go to the official website to see more.

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And what did you think of our list of ukulele tuners online?

Leave us your feedback on the sites we include in our list, also saying if you know any better or use any of the applications to tune your instrument. Also be sure to check out the best music cipher apps and our selection of apps for song lyrics.