Top 10 Most Expensive Steam Games for Linux

Meet the Top 10 most expensive games on Steam for Linux, how many of these do you have?

There are currently over 600 games for Linux on Steam (August 2014) and the prices are the most varied, if you are a gamer you should always be aware of the promises Valve makes to try to save money.

Top 10 Most Expensive Steam Games for Linux

Get to know more expensive Top Games for Linux on Steam now, do you have any of them?

10 – Football Manager 2014 – R $ 69.99

There are several games in this same price range so I decided to let Steam's own listing sort them out and in 10 place we got Football Manager 2014, It's a great game for those who like football and strategy, you will be the coach of the team and will have to scale their team and run their club to stardom.

Football Manager 2014 for Linux

9 – Europa Universalis IV – R $ 69.99

Another great strategy game that follows the line of the renowned Age of Empires, in it you must create the best strategy to conquer the European lands and expand the domain of your not all over the globe.

Europa Universalis

8 – Crusader Kings II – R $ 69.99

Another strategy game very similar to the previous one, Europa Universalis IV, except that it has a slightly more medieval air, your choice between this and the previous one depends on which period of the story you identify with most.

Crusader Kings 2 for Linux

7 – Half-Life 2: Lost Coast – R $ 69.99

This one is a bit pricey, it is part of the popular Half Life 2 and one more episode for him, one more phase, the price is really salty because you can clear this chapter in 20 minutes or less, but for fans there is no price. too high actually?

The game was the first to bring some new technologies to Valve's Source Engine, such as HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Half Life 2: Lost Coast

6 – Jagged Alliance Flashback – R $ 72,99

Another strategy game that comes out, if this is your genre you are very well served, but unlike previous games this one has a different theme, the turn based game and you control your own mercenary army in search of victory, The game resembles in some ways the popular Worms.

5 – Out of the Park Baseball 15 – R $ 72.99

And in the fifth position another strategy game! Seriously, I'm not on purpose, the game that ranks fifth among the 10 most expensive games on Steam Linux is Out of The Park Baseball 15, that, for you to easily understand, a Basebool version of Football Manager that appear in the tenth position of our list. In the game you control your own baseball team and have the mission of taking you to the whole world of the sport that involves clubs and balls.

Out of the Park Baseball 15

4 – Serious Sam 3 BFE – R $ 72.99

Finally a FPS game on the chart, this one I like very much of these games, it has a catch of the most classic FPSs, like DOOM 2 but with current graphics, SAM is the name of the main character and he by definition a "BadAss", a competitor it's time for Duke Nuke series Duke and Devil May Cry Dante.

I recently posted a video to my channel on it and you can check out my supreme skills below:

3 – Dungeon Defenders Collection – R $ 84.99

Steam is selling the full game pack with all the extensions and DLCs from Dungeon Defenders, a classic and very fun RPG, plus very interesting graphics that reminds me of Borderlands.

This is the only pack that is in this list, you can only buy the game for simple $ 9.99But to have access to all it offers you need to shell out a little more.

Dungeon Defenders

2 – Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition – $ 39.99

This one more RPG to our list, the plot takes place in a scenario Apocalyptic Ps and the great graphic, one of its great differentials besides the theme and the graph that can command multiple characters in the game, they are part of his survivor clone. But each is different characteristics that you can explore individually in order to improve your strategy to overcome a danger or enemy.

Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition

1 – X-Plane 10 Global – 64 Bit – R $ 105.99

I bet you got the wrong guess about what would be the most expensive game, X-Plane is an airplane simulator game where you have a close experience with flying a real plane, apart from the fact that you're sitting in front of the plane. your PC hehehe, but finally, with it you can control several different types of aircraft, commercial aircraft and private jets and to enjoy these pleasures you must shell out a little over one hundred reais.

X-Plane 10 Global - 64 Bit

Although this writing is always good to note, this is a list of the most expensive games on Steam Linux at this very moment and moment in the universe and of course that can change, and this is not the list of the best games, many good games, better. These are cheaper here, like Metro Last Light, Left 4 Dead, and some are even free like Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2.

Leave your opinion in the comments and a game suggestion for the guys to play, see you next time!