Top 10 Karaok Apps for Android and iPhone

Do you love singing but have trouble finding good karaoks in your city? Have you thought about turning your own home into a karaok?

To help you with this task, we have selected the best karaok apps. With them you will be able to sing your favorite songs and invite your friends to a karaok party of their own!

In addition to singing, you can also make several improvements to your voice, as some of the apps shown below let you learn to sing better, even without a teacher on hand.

Check it out below!

1. Karaok – Sing Without Limits

The first of the apps on the list is offered as a free option for the user to sing karaok using YouTube. To do this, you need to use the Yokee channel, the developer of the application, or the numerous type videos available on the platform.

In addition to singing, you can record and share online through social networks like Facebook or YouTube itself. You can also use the sound effects offered, such as autotune, correction of tone and harmonies, being able to sing songs of the most varied styles in several languages.

However, it has some features blocked by the Premium version, which can be purchased by watching advertisements or paying the subscription, in the amount of $ 25,90. Karaok – Sing Without Limits is available for both Android and iOS.

Sing without limits

2. Singa

This is undoubtedly one of the best karaok apps. Singa offers the lyrics horizontally to simulate traditional karaok to the fullest. In addition, he has several international and national songs, with over 80,000 songs with lyrics.

It is extremely simple to use and can organize music by genre, name or artist, making the search process easier. It also has a list of songs to sing, perfect for any occasion. If you want to download, go to the Play Store or the App Store.

3. Smule

Smule is one of the most popular and highly rated karaok apps available for any smartphone. Here you can sing your favorite songs and record in the meantime, and you can also improve your voice through various audio effects.

This app features over 800,000 different songs for you to sing alone or in duets with friends. Your screen is split in two, so you can watch the artist as you sing, following the lyrics and giving you a note at the end.

It's free, but several of the songs offered are exclusive to weekly subscribers. Smule is available for download for Android and iOS.

4. Karaoke Portugus Brazil

The only one of the karaok apps on our list is brazilian, too, completely free. Through the app you can sing your favorite songs, record videos of you singing and watch your presentation. The application uses YouTube as the source of its music, having a very broad catalog.

You can sing songs of the desired genre in any language, having access to the biggest national and international hits. You can even share your recordings with friends to show your progress. Karaoke Portugus Brasil is available exclusively for Android. Download it from the Play Store!

Karaoke portugues brazil apps by Karaok

5. The Voice

This is one of the karaok apps that simulates the reality show of the same name, allowing the user to experience on a smaller scale how to be on the show. As with reality music competition, you also have the option to do battle, allowing two people to sing together. Of course, the assessment of the "technicians" at the end of the presentation cannot be missed.

It has a great selection of music from the most different genres, so you never run out of singing. However, most songs are blocked by a weekly subscription, which the user can earn if they make excellent performances. Download the The Voice app for iOS or Android.

6. Midifun Karaoke

Another great option is Midifun Karaoke, which has a very simple and basic interface. Still, it offers a lot of features and completely free, with no premium version, VIP or in-app purchases.

The lyrics shown for you to sing have immense accuracy, something most karaok apps unfortunately don't have. There is also a guessing game where the user can test their knowledge of favorite music lyrics and much more. It is available exclusively for Android.

7. StarMaker – Sing Karaok Songs

One of the best karaoke app alternatives is StarMaker, which has as its main differential a large catalog of music, constantly renewed and expanded. Also, you can edit karaok as you like.

Unfortunately, most music is blocked by in-app purchases, a big negative in almost every app of its kind. However, it is possible to release the songs as you sing and achieve good results.

If you would like to download this app, which has over 50 million users, follow the link to the App Store or Play Store.

starmaker apps by Karaok

8. Voloco: Tuning + Automatic Voice Harmony

Voloco is much more than just another of the karaok apps, it is also a great voice processing app. In it, you find options like vocoders and tone changes. It also offers 8 different preset sound effects packages, so you sound just the way you want.

You can sing your own songs, which you have on your smartphone, or songs offered by the app itself, but without their lyrics. To download this app, follow the link for Android or iOS.

9. SingTrue

This is a great app for singing karaok, with many features that set it apart from others on the list. It offers, of course, the option for you to sing karaok style and record yourself while doing it, but you can also learn to sing using the various tools available.

SingTime has over 30 different exercises and examples to listen to, as well as letting you see your progress. If you think you have a bad voice, be aware that this is probably not the case! Almost everyone can learn to sing and use their voice better, something that is made easier by this app.

The only real downside of this application is the need to buy the full version, where all exercises can be used. Follow at the App Store to download to your iPhone; He has no Android version.

10. Kakoke

We have reached the bottom of the list of karaok apps with Kakoke, an option that offers you to sing all the karaok songs in the world. Through the app, you can share music, photos, websites, comments and status to your friends using it as a social network.

It offers high-quality voice recording, added real-time sound effects, voice editing before or after recording, and tone enhancement, among many other great features. exclusive for Android by the Play Store.


And what do you think of the best karaok apps?

Leave us your feedback on the apps on the list, and tell them if they've found a better alternative for you or if we don't include your favorite app. Also be sure to check out our app list for the lyrics of your songs.