TOP 10 Games para Linux via Steamplay (2018)

TOP 10 Games for Linux via Steamplay (2018)

Warframe is a free-to-play online action game in a science fiction world. You can play as much by following a story as you can by setting up your storyline. Besides being able to play with friends online.

Skyrim is an RPG game made by Bethesda and published by The Elders Scrolls. In the game you are free to explore the map your way. The game is set 200 years after the Oblivion events.

– Age of Empires II HD (rated Silver on ProtonDB)

Well, this game needs no introduction. A classic of strategy games and now in an HD version, AoE II (affectionately called by players) is running on Linux and thank you very much. How about conquering some villages huh ??

– PES 2019 (rated Silver on ProtonDB)

This other presentation-free game. One of the most successful e-sports franchises of the last 20 years, PES is still snatching a number of fans from around the world, in addition to having FIFA as its biggest rival. While the Ea Games game is not compatible with Linux, Konami's game already runs via Steamplay.

– GTA V (rated gold on ProtonDB)

If I didn't mention this game on the list, it would most likely give a damn good comment. GTA V is another presentation-free game and one of the most famous open-world games today. Released in 2013 but still dragging a legion of fans around the world.

The Witcher III (rated gold on protondb)

The most beloved wizard in the gaming world is also running on Linux. The game is an open world RPG, like GTA V, and with challenging player stories. The entire trilogy runs on Linux, 1 and 3 running via Steamplay / Wine and 2 running natively.

Batman Arkham Origins and City (classified as gold and silver in ProtonDB respectively)

And could not miss in this list, the bravest bat of games, Batman. With these two Arkham Trilogy games, we can have several hours of gameplay with the World's Greatest Detective. The Arkham Asylum game still has some inconsistencies in some pcs and configurations, thus getting the Bronze seal on ProtonDB


We can not forget the most stealth agent and who loves a box of cardboard more than a cat (#brinks), we are talking about the Solid Snake. If you like the franchise and would like to play this latest game on Linux, you can.

Subnautics (rated Silver on ProtonDB) * Note: Works perfectly via Lutris with the installation of Epic Store Games.

Already if you like exploring the futuristic-themed sea and a Sci-Fi footprint, this game is for you. After an accident with your ship, you land on a totally unknown planet and need to collect resources to survive and then get out as fast as possible.

DARK SOULS III (rated gold on ProtonDB)

And to close this list, nothing less than one of the new generation of RPG games is harder to play, according to the players who die in it (). This game has been winning over the crowd and critics by giving it high marks. And you will be able to play on Linux and try not to die 1 zillion times.

These are some games that we have separated to show that famous titles (called Triple A) are working on Linux. If you want to know if your game is running with steamplay or if you want to know if it works before you buy, I recommend consulting the ProtonDB site, it is very useful, there you can also give your own feedbacks of any Steam game you are running on Linux. Go to the Contribute tab and see the walkthrough, if you don't get along with English, use Google Translate and you shouldn't have any problems.

Now put together your top 10 list of games that run on steamplay and show us the comments.

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